You may feel lost

And perhaps this won’t make a ton of sense. But here is where I have relocated to…

And until I can figure out how to “upload” former posts… the referential post can be found here:


2 thoughts on “You may feel lost

  1. Off the subject, do you like WordPress better than the Google Blog site? Is it more user friendly? I’ve seen a couple of people post that they blog here now. Would be interested to hear your thoughts on the blog site subject – perhaps in a blog!

    As to the post – racism in America in the 2000s…uh, since there are still quite a few people born before 1920 alive, racism tends to thrive. We forget that ‘persons of color’ have only been viewed as equal for about 40 years (1960s)…before that apparently (and as antiquated and stupid as it seems) they were second class citizens. I still hear racial slurs from old folks and pity them because they don’t seem to know any better; AND at their age, who is going to correct them? I don’t approve of those sorts of stereotypes and I suspect they will die out as the old guard passes away.

    This doesn’t, of course, address the ‘new’ guard who continue to think that a PHYSICAL characteristic defines what a person ‘is’. Hell, women have only had equal rights (at least in the land of the lost – Utah) for 20 some years. Things like race and religion have still to be made equitable.

    I think it’s best said from the movie “A Time To Kill” (which addresses your blog post very well IMO) – “We cannot view others as equals as long as we view others as different. We view others as different because we view them with our eyes and minds instead of our hearts where hate and commonality do not factor in.” (paraphrased)

    Personally? Anyone who views another as less than themselves BECAUSE that other person is a different color, believes in a different God, is physically different (fat or thin), has a different background in their raising up, or even judges a person because they speak differently; the first person is a dolt. Out of step with today’s scheme of things. Ain’t sayin’ I’m not guilty of it, I know persons of other races who do give that race a bad name because the person is a loser. Well hell. One can say that of whites now can’t one?

    • Let me deal with everything as you posed them…
      So far, with the little effort I put forward before just diving in to blogging here – yes – I like the WP side far more than blogger. That being said – I’m still learning to manipulate it and get what I want on here – and that simply means that I need to focus and just get it done.

      I don’t think that the racism stems from the “older” generation – I think it is a gut reaction by unthinking and those with a limited imagination – the fear that precludes their processing all actions logically ( or perhaps their inability to process logically ) to see that it really is a pointless lashing out. It brands them as less than in every measure of a human, but perhaps in their cloistered and secluded spaces they feel somehow larger and more powerful as they are able to diminish others.

      The real issue, to me, is that we can’t help BUT notice the differences..but what we can do and notice is our internal dialogue as to “what those differences mean” and what importance we apply to them. If I were to simply judge someone because they are a proselytizer for their particular sect of christianity simply because I don’t believe as they do: the problem is mine. If I expend the energy to get to know them, and find that they are unable to process a complex thought that conflicts with their NEED to see the world through the “bible ray-bans”, and they are still unwilling to concede the possibility of another way, I can then dismiss them as an ostrich and not worth my efforts.

      It’s the same with advice. If someone repeatedly harps on the same issue, and makes no efforts to change their approach – am I not just trying to teach the pig to salsa? Frustrating both me and the pig? A conversation, a discussion about any sort of “politically incorrect” view requires two things. First, the willingness to honestly review your internal thoughts, prejudices and beliefs on the issue – and be willing to accept that as a real part of who you are. Then, secondly, to be able to divest the ‘gut reaction’ and investigate it to settle your reactions, and realize when you are reacting from an instinctive place, or one where you have actually taken those instincts and overcome them, or made them less important in your decision and your words. If you are willing and able to do those two things – you can then actually be willing and open to conflicting ideas, new ideas and even are more able to discuss them openly and honestly; without feeling as if the discussion is a personal attack on you. I can be called a racist – it stings.. but I also know that it’s not even close to truth – and the speaker is merely looking to get a reaction that comes from anger and hurt without investigating their own reasons for needing to spew.

      It’s a roundabout way of looking at discrimination and judgment, and if you hear A tell it – I take on far too much of the “blame” for someone else’s bad actions, but it works for me. I know that when I speak, I have looked at the history, my own actions, and whatever I say is both meant and well thought out. Of course, like everything, there are always room to tweak and adjust..but it’s the standard that I try to hold.

      And, if everyone who met and disliked me felt all scots-english blondes were just like me, they are only proving their own ignorance. People of all groups and types are morons…just as people of all groups and types are wonderful. I don’t meet the group – I meet the person.

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