Formerly Respected to …

This is a new blog, although writing and blogging are not new for me. My muse seems to waft in and out on a schedule known only to him or her, causing a desperate banging of keyboard or doodling on a pad barely capable of forming an A.

That’s been my consistent issue. I tell myself that I need to write, and I have only a billion and a half ideas, some embryonic, but settling to write just one seems impossible.  Or there is something that I feel compelled to write about, and my need to think through every possible argument to the conclusion overwhelms the idea, and I get lost in the “too much’ world.

And all the time, I keep telling myself that “I want to be a writer”.  But, how do you call yourself a writer if you are not writing? And what if no one read? If a blog is posted and no one comes, is it worth the effort?

What you should know about me is I have blogged. I have been a “respected” or at least well read, heavily commented upon, blogger on another site.  A third rate (now) “adult” site that was promoted to swingers and the sexually liberated.  What was funny about that, or struck me, is that among the plethora of up close and personal photos of body parts normally covered with the briefest bikinis, the rampant use of the F word as a noun, verb and activity, and the general overbearing sense of sadness and desperation expressed in most personal emails and profiles, there were some amazingly talented writers there. And it wasn’t all erotica and how to be sexy. There were ideas and laughter: real talent.  But, the dramatics, the competition for attention and the near wholesale emigration of writers of substance has denigrated a once fertile space of thought to a sandbox, populated with cats, old broken toys, cigarette butts and that odd indefinable smell.

But, I left the “regular writing” there a while back, took a break, and got distracted. Distracted myself with saying I wanted TO be a writer rather than writing.  Stopped filling up the notebooks with scribbles of half-formed ideas to deal with later, in fact, I don’t even know where my favourite pen is now.  I lost the plot. Perhaps I buried the plot, or moved from it as I let the little voices tell me that I’m not clever enough, or talented enough, or my grammar is horrid.

Then, by complete happenstance, I came across You Are a Writer by Jeff Goins on Amazon.  If you have the $3.99 and a kindle reader (PC or actual Kindle – and there is a way to convert to Nook or Sony reader – just Google it) and you want to write, think you want to write, or do write – get this book.

It was a quick read – but it taught me 3 things.

♦ I write – therefore I am a writer

♦ I can choose what to write about, and I can tweak that at any time

♦ If you write it, they will come. Perhaps not as quickly or as copiously as you want, but they do come

He also gives you a boatload of tips, tricks and ideas that really are common sense. Many of these ideas I will try, use and incorporate here.

First, I need to do this: I am a writer: Welcome to my world.


14 thoughts on “Formerly Respected to …

  1. I could use the book.:) Like you, I lost track of my notebooks and haven’t scribbled an idea in a while. I’ve abbreviated my thoughts to that which fits in the space of a status postingg…I’ve not even bothered myself with spellcheck. It’s not that I don’t want to write…I do…but I feel like I’m merely gathering steam without knowing what for. Oh, and I get lost in the myriad angles of a thought/theme too. But, I always enjoy what you write. 🙂

  2. I can loan it … I’m almost done my 2nd read of it now. I did that “gathering” thing – and found myself unhappy and unsettled. This is bringing things back to focus. And, hopefully to some end – even if I’m the only one who sees it

  3. Thanks for the welcome that is this blog. Like you, some of us writers have lost our way, maybe a little of our confidence and swagger as well. Maybe we’ve been hiding behind the “we need to read more” in order to be writers again. Regardless, you been giving me hope this last week. Thanks for that and for all the good stuff to read 🙂

    • I don’t have time to “read more” and still write. I’m reading ( on average ) 7 books a week. Granted, some are pure mind candy: but it’s the reading and the near constant infusion of different styles and approaches that is feeding and fueling that “I am a writer” voice.

      I never had a “swagger”. I know what I am good at, know where I need to improve, and work to do both and find a niche that I can both be excited about and produce well. And I think that is all I need to do. All anyone needs to do. Well – that and tap away at keyboard or do more than doodle in a notebook

  4. It’s always better to have your topics be discussed with a larger group in order to get feedback and back and forth and learn. We all have our places in life we come from and reading and sharing is a healthy pursuit in order to gain more valuable knowledge or understand those that contribute. It is a damn shame that other place is useless, there were quite a few that had forums worthy of notice and you couldn’t beat the speed at which those discussions could happen and the variety of people that would and could contribute.
    Part of being a serious writer would require a person to disassociate themselves with such a forum anyway otherwise I’d be the first one to suggest those that wish to write should just return to that forum and write whatever the hell they want and deal with the other ridiculous individuals as they come and not care what anybody thought other than the ones who contributed in a worthy manner.
    I’m sure people who write blogs or articles for places like motherjones and others as I’ve seen people post on FB vould care less when some random retard posts something bizarre in their commenst section.
    Three or 4 good writers returning to that other site would build a momentum and maybe change things and if anybody whined about it :fuck off” works just fine for a response 😀

    Love ya…you consider too much what people say they “think of you”

    • I don’t need 300 hits on a post to feel “valid”. I never did. Even when I was
      “up on the list” my regular comments were from a core group of people who were thoughtful, funny, clever, and appreciated what I did..even when they weren’t into the topic. Really, when you write, they do come. It just takes a little gentle prodding to let people know.
      I can’t see myself there again. I can’t see many of those who used to write there bothering with it again. I used it to hone, to test, to practice for the real thing.. but it’s so rife with moronic self-serving dramatics that even those who would read there for an hour or two are down to minutes. You can only read a variation on the same story dredged up for sympathy points so often before you can tell it better than those who profess it’s truth.
      I’m working on the “what they say they think” stuff. Mostly the they are people who, for their own failings, have no bearing in my life – what is discouraging and distressing is their near constant need to bolster their belief with gathering a klan – and attempting to run people off. I don’t deal well with that. And it took me far too much energy and angst trying to see “why” they would behave like that, and why I was so special as to target. And that is more energy spent in a non-productive activity than I have, choose, or wish to expend.
      ♥ you too. !

  5. i have that book. and while i’m still not sure that i’m a writer, i do know that i am a reader and that words are my world…so thank you for allowing me in to yours.

    • You are though. I am too. Do we always write that ever-lasting piece of prose that, like Romeo & Juliet, will live on in many forms after we are gone? I don’t know. It’s possible. But, it will never BE possible without actually writing something… right?

  6. I’m just the angry writer type who doesn’t write shit anymore. 😀

    With that being said, you are a writer. Regardless of what you write, it’s how you feel when you write. And it’s good to see you writing again.

    • I wish you would… you crack me up. You have an amazingly unique and funny take with words and scenes. That being said – your one-liners are some of the best I read daily.

      We all just need to write.. whether we are angry, or fed up, or just poking at people and situations. Some will be good. Some will be meh. But, it’s words, and thoughts and getting it out there… usually to those who appreciate it.
      And that – is what is important. And that is good. 🙂

  7. I’m happy to see you writing because I know you have a lot of things you can share with us in ways that are new and refreshing. I had this time when I didn’t want to write and couldn’t be persuaded to change my mind. I thought I had nothing to say. Then, I stepped away from the keyboard, went outside, and found words in addition to sunlight. It was life-changing. I’m not suggesting I always have something to say that matters to anyone but me, but I have a desire to at least attempt writing now, which is far different from about a year ago. And thanks. For writing.

    • I think, strangely enough, that the “other space” where most of us met and were writing has done that to all of us. While it had it’s good points, I’ve seen more people walk away from incredible talent because of the bad taste left from one space.

      I had always sort of had an exit strategy..but I got hit with the ‘not wanting to say the word write” and it was my step away time to regroup and refocus. And that has been nothing but a good thing. And, like you, I wonder how much is important to any BUT me – but I like the process, and the creation..
      Thanks for being the inspiration..because your move, your closing and walking away..showed possibles.

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