Just Another Phobic Friday

Do you worry what may happen today? Will you be in a car accident or lose something special?  What about 13 at a dinner table, or the 13th floor? Would you live on 13th Street, if a city were bold enough to build one?

We aren’t alone. Ancient Egyptians used 13 as the final chapter of life: chapters 1 through 12 were lived on earth, the thirteenth was the afterlife. And while they planned obsessively for all the needs one may have in that unknown realm, no one really knew.

And not knowing is an anathema to the human mind.

Another theory is that the paternalistic new religions sought to vilify the number thirteen, as it was important in the pagan Goddess worship rituals; thirteen being the number of menstrual cycles in a year. And the patriarchs won, as the calendar is comprised of twelve, not thirteen months. Take that to the last supper, where Judas was the 13th at the table and thirteen is impugned once again.

Fridays are not immune either: Rome held executions on Friday; it is thought by some that Eve gave Adam the apple on a Friday.  Jesus was crucified on a Friday. Pagans celebrated Friday as their holy day.

I don’t believe. I never have. I am more a believer in suggestive behavior or suggestive interpretation of situations.

The power of suggestion is a strong one. Someone yawns in your presence, and soon you are fighting the need to yawn.  If you think you are unlucky today, you are going to attribute all of the odd things that you are noticing to the day.

I’ve not been sleeping well lately, but today I slept far later than I wished. It’s not that Friday the 13th made it so: my alarm went off and my partner decided I needed the sleep and shut it off. He isn’t unlucky.  What about the people who will be in a car accident? Are they having the accident because it’s the 13th – or because it is a Friday, they are tired after a long week, and are distracted?

Just as reading the horoscope for your day will have you looking for the good and bad in those very general words: look for the unlucky you will find it. I’ll look for mine on Monday.


4 thoughts on “Just Another Phobic Friday

    • Share! I’ve never had a bad one..not memorable bad, but I do know that when I had everyone around me yapping in my ear about the horrible day to come, even a broken fingernail could take on tragic proportions. I was also about 12. Go figure.

      • I heard from 3 exes all on the same day and thought, thank God I don’t have 13 of them or I’d really be in for a roller coaster. It wasn’t all bad – in fact, it was more good than not – it’s just a lot. If that makes any sense.

      • Complete sense. I sometimes wondered if being friendly with my ex was a good idea – wasn’t always but most often it was the best choice: if overwhelming at times.

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