Droplets glisten

Extending over the left corner of the balcony, a branch from a tree,displays a faerie hammock. An industrious spider toiled for hours, creating this masterpiece of engineering that is both bed and kitchen. At night, it is a shimmering maze of silken strands, counterpoint to the barely discernible green of the leaves that provide it some shelter.  This morning the dew had created prisms of color and sparkle: a work of art that is ingeniously functional and beautiful.

Dew Bedecked web




It gave me a moment of pause, a breath: then  I detached the ends of the web from the balcony with a broom, and sent the spider off to find a new homestead.





One thought on “Droplets glisten

  1. the webs are stunning and caught in the sunlight, they can take your breath away. the fact that they house spiders……..big ick factor for me

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