What Might Have Been ….

I want to speak on “what might have been” or indulging in those thoughts. I use “indulge” as I see a boatload of people who are, at the risk of ruining what they have, indulging in those “what if” sort of thoughts. Some have lost the thread entirely, and lost.

I don’t think any of us are  immune, wanting something different or better when the reality isn’t all roses and smelling good. Hindsight is always popping up to raise a flag showing you where a situation went pear shaped.

But, what if you are reveling in those daydreams and fantasies, to the exclusion of appreciating what you actually have?

So – I don’t know everyone’s story: and if I were to be honest, I’ve  been guilty of rose-tinting my own participation in the downfall of the current because I was too involved with making a comparison, or held up with the “I should have done X but I chose M”. Regret and remorse are bitter pills to swallow.

I’m just babbling here: but it should be something to ponder.  Are you truly living for the moment, giving your all, so regret is not a companion that shadows your every move?





4 thoughts on “What Might Have Been ….

  1. That way madness lies. I have to admit i am a constant wonderer of things uncontrollable. Wise words though. When I get thinking i shall consult your words again and actually live some life.

  2. Yes..yes i am living without regret thanks for asking 😀
    Even if in hindsight I wish I’d gone left instead of right dwelling in it for any time longer than the time needed to process what can be learned from it for a potential next occurrence is wasting time.
    It sounds cold i know but what other option is there ?? Beat yourself up ?? Extend heartache to avoid admitting things went bad ?? All things like that do is waste time that could be used for resolution,and recovery
    Que Sera Sera and all 😀

  3. I have been guilty of extending heartache. It sucks. I realize that I think the most when I drive and I drive a lot. Now I write, almost as much as I drive. And I imagine where I want to get myself and then I do. Doing is better then reveling in a broken heart. Or so I have read. 🙂

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