A double rainbow

Yes, it’s very dim: the second one. But this is the first time I’ve ever seen a double rainbow AND been able to capture it on film

It’s A Double Rainbow!

It behooves me to share some of the lore of Rainbows:
Christians believe a rainbow is God’s promise to never send another 40 day flood
Norse mythology states that a rainbow is built by Odin from Midgard (earth) to Asgard where the gods reside. It is used as a path for souls to walk to their end rewards.
In Burma – it is a harbinger of a dangerous spirit while in India it is the bow from which the divine arrows are fired.
Roman folklore tells us the rainbow was the coat of many colors for Isis, handmaiden to Juno.
And we all have heard the tale from the Irish, where finding the place where the rainbow meets land will bring you a pot of gold.

It is bad luck to point at a  rainbow, but lucky to see one and wish on it ..
I wished. Twice.  I’ll be sure to share if they are answered.

The same double rainbow, slightly different view





2 thoughts on “A double rainbow

  1. Rainbows are lovely things. I don’t think I’ve ever managed to photograph a double one. Not sure I’ve ever caught a single, for that matter.

    My boyfriend in my teens was Norse-Germanic (and I wonder often if this is why I have such a thing for Eric the vampire – yum) and he sparked off an obsession with Norse mythology for me. I was an artist at that point too – a grudging one, but an artist nonetheless – and for a period of about two years, I wouldn’t paint anything that wasn’t Norse-based. I painted the nine worlds over and over, and every painting had a rainbow bridge in it, linking them. Funny, I just remembered that now.

    I guess I’ll always have a soft spot for rainbows because of that. 🙂

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