What is a Virtual Book Tour

You have by now seen the updates that I do – or the little banners on the left that say Blog Tours.  Just what goes on at a blog tour is as varied and individual as the books themselves.  Essentially, they are a marketing tool – used to get the word out to as many people as possible about a book, a series, an author or even a genre.  Not only do you find some great new reads BUT… You Can Win Stuff!!

Yes, that’s right – you can win. Everything from bookmarks and postcards all the way to signed paper copies of books, gift cards to booksellers and others, eBook copies, pens, jewelry, even eReaders!  

There are TONS of different tours going on every day. Look on FB, watch your twitter feeds, follow some authors that you like. Find the “Tour Divas”.  There are sites that are devoted to nothing BUT bringing you information, excerpts, and other fun things from authors.  Tours that focus on Romance  – from the sweet puppy love through the years with Regency, to hot and dirty must have it now sexy Erotic books.  Tours that focus only on Paranormal, or Horror. Mystery Tours and more Literary tours.  There is, something for every one. 

Authors  and Tour Hosts: PLEASE post a link here with a note about what sort of tours you offer or participate in… I know there are several multi-author themed tours happening regularly – and readers want to know.  

Let’s show the uninitiated just what a “virtual blog book tour” looks like! 

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