Review: Chasing the Trickster by April Grey

Today is a uniquely different paranormal story; Chasing the Trickster: Cernunnos Series,Book 1 by April Grey.  Read on for info about the book, my review, and more about the author!

Title: Chasing the Trickster
Series: The Cernunnos Series #1
Author: April Grey
Genre: Dark, Fantasy, Paranormal
Publisher: Eternal Press
Format: eBook/Paperback
Stars:  5

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Book Description:  One Man, Two Women, Two Gods…who will survive the Trickster’s snare?
Ghostly images materialize in Nina Weaver’s photos. Goons try to kidnap her. When her photographs are stolen and her best friend is shot, she realizes that she has no one to turn to but her ex-lover, Pascal “”Goofy”” Guzman. Together they go on a desperate road trip in search of answers. The truth is darker and more terrifying than Nina could ever have imagined. After their love re-ignites, they fall into the Trickster God’s trap.

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My Review: 

What a fun twist on a paranormal mélange of Native American and Old European lore to create a uniquely new dark fantasy, and bring readers something new and different in this popular genre.  This is not a book that ‘feels familiar’, nor is this author’s style reminiscent of any others that I have read. It is unique – and delightfully so.

The characters are cleverly and tightly crafted, with plotting and timelines being far more variable and “Dr. Who” than one usually encounters.  This adds some delightful twists that keep the reader wondering just what is next, while a surprisingly satisfactory conclusion leaves the reader both satisfied and ready to know more.  Fortunately, I believe the author thought that would be the result, so a tidy epilogue ties up the ends and sets the stage for a whole new adventure with this Trickster god.

There is tons of goodness neatly wrapped in prose, clever dialog and the engaging style of the author – making this one of the quickest and most satisfying low-calorie treats out there.

I received an eBook copy from FMB Tours for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review, and all conclusions are my own responsibility.

Read more about April Grey and where to find her:

About the Author:   April Grey’s urban fantasy novel, Chasing The Trickster, is published by Eternal Press. Her short stories have been published in such print anthologies as Demonmind’s Halloween 2010, The Best of Everyday Fiction 2, Northern Haunts, Ephemera and Terrible Beauty, Fearful Symmetry. Many of these stories can be found in her collection, The Fairy Cake Bake Shoppe available through Amazon and Smashwords.

She and her family live in Hell’s Kitchen, NYC in a building next to a bedeviled garden. Gremlins, sprites or pixies, something mischievous, lurks therein. Someday she’ll find out.

Find the Author:

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