The Hollywood Dream… or? Guest Post by Elise Marion, author of The Secret Life of Avery O’Dea

Today is the first of two stops I host that will be featuring The Secret Life of Avery O’Dea,  the newest release by author Elise Marion.   In addition to today’s guest post by the author, I will also provide links to a Tour Wide giveaway where you can be one of 4 lucky winners to get an eBook copy, or one of 10 winners to get a 50% off coupon for shopping at Bottom Drawer Publications.  So – you can see all of the stops on this month long tour – check out the Tour Page, and don’t forget to enter the Rafflecopter to win one of the fabulous prizes.

Now I will allow Elise to take over:


The Hollywood Dream … Or Is It a Nightmare?

When I was a teenager I wanted to be a model. Well, technically I was one for awhile. I got my start in pageants and moved on to runway, which I enjoyed immensely. I used to flip through catalogs and watch shows like America’s Next Top Model with stars in my eyes. One day, I told myself, one day I’d be that girl; the one to shoot instantly to stardom and live that dream that so many young girls aspire to.

Almost a decade has passed since then and I can honestly say I never even came close to achieving that particular dream. Not that I’m bitter about it. I got to wear fabulous clothes on the Dallas runways and I had a great time doing it. And honestly, after an agent told me to lose 10 pounds (I was already a size 4), I decided I’d had just about enough of trying to fit into an image that wasn’t healthy or attainable.

While writing The Secret Life of Avery O’Dea, I did a lot of thinking about the general perception of celebrities. We watch them through the news and the tabloids and some of us follow so closely that we think we know them. We cheer for them, root for them … and when they mess up we crucify them, because it’s just so easy to do and the media doesn’t make it any harder for us to do it.

So now, at the age of 26 I look back on the time in life when I aspired to be one of those girls. I wanted to be Tyra Banks … Halle Berry … Beyonce. I wanted fame and fortune and I wanted people to know my name. Now I think about the time when I wanted those things and wonder how many of those stars were once like me. How many of them dreamed a dream only to have it turn into a nightmare? The constant attention, life in the public eye, the fear of disappointing so many people who count on and look up to you … it’s got to be a daunting thing. Sure they make piles of money and never want for anything. But when I see headlines about Lindsay Lohan going to court for another petty crime, or hear about Halle Berry’s latest messy break-up I can’t help but wonder if all that is worth it. Would it be worth it to me?

Now, I think I’m okay to just write about fictional celebs rather than aspiring to be one. After all I’m a girl who likes to sit at a writing desk all day wearing pajama bottoms with uncombed hair. Glamorous, yes?

Thanks Elise!  To see more about the book – including buy links .. read on

The Secret Life of Avery O’Dea
Elise Marion
Bottom Drawer Publications

94 Pages
Buy Now:   Bottom Drawer  §  Amazon  §  Barnes & Noble

About the Book:  A famous actress with secrets. A photographer moonlighting as a paparazzo. A few shutter clicks and their lives will never be the same again.

When a daring photographer catches “America’s Sweetheart”, Avery O’Dea, in a lie, the picture threatens to expose the truth of Avery’s relationship with her boyfriend and co-star, Ryan Sanders, to the world. When her carefully constructed world is starting to collapse around her, Avery realizes just how tired she is of the elaborate cover-ups. It’s a burden she no longer wishes to bear.

When she locks eyes with handsome Dominic Ramsay at a gallery showcasing his photographic work, she is shocked to recognize him as the paparazzo that set her world on fire with a single photo.

Avery longs for more from life: passion, love and the freedom to live her as she pleases.

About the Author:  Elise Marion is a lover of books and has a special place in her heart for sweet and sensual romance. Writing about love across all walks of life is her passion, as is reaching people through the written word. Elise writes across a range of genres including Contemporary Romance, Historical Romance and Paranormal Romance.

The army wife and stay-at-home mother of two spends most of her time taking care of her children. Her second job is writing stories about characters that readers can fall in love with. When the Texas native isn’t caring for her family or writing, you can usually find her with her nose in a book, singing loudly, or cooking up something new in the kitchen.

Find Elise at:   Website  §  Facebook  §  @elise_marion

A little about Bottom Drawer Publications:
Bottom Drawer Publications is a new publishing house that specialises in romantic and erotic romance fiction across a range of genres and with both het and gay characters. Our genres include: Contemporary, Historical, Literary/Drama, Alternative Lifestyles, Paranormal/Sci-fi/Fantasy, Mystery/Thriller and Steampunk.

Our books are available for sale on our website as well as over 8 booksellers including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple iBookstores, All Romance and a range of others. All of your reading devices are covered.
We are always on the lookout for fresh and interesting manuscripts within these genres, and from time to time will put out calls for anthology submissions.

Vist our website, for our new release information and our writing submission guidelines.


5 thoughts on “The Hollywood Dream… or? Guest Post by Elise Marion, author of The Secret Life of Avery O’Dea

  1. Thanks so much for hosting Elise on your blog today, Gaele. And thank you, Elise, for a really interesting post. My own modelling career ended tragically one night in a little country town “fashion” modelling for a charity event when I was 16. All was going well for the first few steps down the catwalk, and then … picture Sandra Bullock’s character in “Miss Congeniality” doing the face plant on flat ground. I got up and flipped my long hair back, determined to continue when there was a scream in the crowd. I’d broken my nose and blood was streaming down onto the white dress and I’d flicked it all over the people on the seats closest to me. The organizer said i should probably keep my day job 🙂

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