Broken Christmas: Three Stories of Christmas by David S. Henderson, Review and more

Today I am pleased to present another Independent author:  David S. Henderson and his short story compilation Broken Christmas: Three Stories of Christmas.    Have I mentioned how much I enjoy short stories, and that I listen to a podcast of them on NPR called Selected Shorts ?  Well – I do.  And today I get to present them to you.

About the Book: 

Broken Christmas is a compilation of three short stories about Christmas.

In the first, “Fourth Wish,” a skid row resident finds himself leading a trio of privileged but neglected youths on Christmas Eve. Through their journey the homeless man fulfills their Christmas wishes, showing that sometimes those who need help the most are the ones who help others the greatest.

The second; “Best Christmas Ever,” is an eight year old’s “glass half full” remembrance of a Christmas Eve his parents would rather forget.

The third story, “Broken Christmas” tells of a soldier who leaves the frozen battlefield behind and goes home for Christmas via his dreams.

The Review:

I cannot determine which is my favorite of the three: each have their moments that jump to the forefront, yet surprisingly do not overplay on emotions and sentimentality that is often found in stories about the season.

The writing is descriptive and clearly leads the reader along the journey of the story; most lasting only a few hours on Christmas Eve.  The stories often feel much like those told each year, the “do you remember when” stories when everyone struggles to find the most dramatic or funny moments to share with the group.  As such, each has a common moment that strikes a chord of memory in the reader, setting off their own series of memories of the season.

Truly a book worthy of a quiet fireside read, especially in the holiday season.

I give Broken Christmas: Three Stories of Christmas  5 Stars.

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About the Author:   One day while David Henderson was cleaning his basement, he found a box containing the start of the first story in Broken Christmas, “Fourth Wish,” written twenty-five years earlier on an Apple II Plus computer,  printed out on a dot matrix printer on tractor-feed paper.  Dusting it off, he decided to finish writing the story instead of cleaning his basement.

For the last two and a half decades David’s career has centered on creative thinking and developing new ideas.  In his field the commonly held tenet is that new ideas must be different, with the next idea being completely unlike the first.  When it comes to writing, David believes stories are meant to entertain and make the reader feel something. The feeling can be any number of emotions including empathy, hope, or humor.  With these convictions in mind, David produced the three short stories in “Broken Christmas.” He hopes you enjoy reading them as much as he enjoyed writing them.  He wishes everyone a wonderful holiday season, and yes, the basement finally did get cleaned.

Look for another book from David publishing in late December.

Find David at:  goodreads

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