My Flag My Country: The Ishmael Day Story by Willam R. Bell – Review

Today I am pleased to present an independent author’s work.  My Flag My Country: The Ishmael Day Story  by William R. Bell.  A fictionalized account of a real man, this book is sure to please young and old alike.

My Flag, My Country
William R. Bell
ISBN:  1470186691
Paperback and eBook

About the Book:   During the 150th anniversary of the Civil War, comes a story of true patriotism. Based on a real patriot, Ishmael Day. Follow his life from his exciting youth until, as an old man, he takes on the Confederate Cavalry and lives to tell about it.

My Review:  There is much talk of heroism and patriotism today, and it often feels as if the words are over-used and applied far too freely.  In My Flag My Country: The Ishmael Day Story; William R. Bell examines  and imagines a true patriot’s story.  In July of 1864, near the end of the Civil War, he posted a Union Flag on his fence facing the road, and was confronted by a notorious band of Confederate soldiers known as the Gilmor Raiders.   This confrontation led to the death of one of Gilmor’s men, and Day was forced to flee for his life.

What follows is an impeccably researched and thoroughly engaging account of Ishmael Day’s life, shown in memories that he uses as both distraction from the discomfort of hiding in plain sight, and calls upon old skills, long dormant, to stay alive during his ordeal.  This book brings pieces of the War of 1812 to life, while talking of his days as a scout with two Susquehannock Indians as scouts for the United States Army.

Although heavily laced with fiction, since little documentation exists, the story is a true page-turner and will appeal to young and old alike.  The moments of danger are detailed with great emotional description and provide a palpable sense of tension.  Ishmael Day nearly steps through the pages and shows that one man’s convictions and beliefs can overcome extreme obstacles.

It makes for an interesting read for one of the lesser known events outside of the small Maryland marker in Fork.

I was provided an eBook copy by author for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review, and all conclusions are my own responsibility. 

I gave My Flag My Country; The Ishmael Day Story  5 Stars

You can purchase My Flag My Country; The Ishmael Day Story  at

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About the Author:   William R. Bell is a writer of both fiction and non-fiction works. He is a retired criminal investigator who spent years conducting numerous investigations resulting in successful prosecutions. He is also a cancer survivor and as with his professional experience, has committed his experiences to books on the topics.
Born in Dearborn, Michigan, Mr. Bell served in the U.S. Navy in the early 1960’s participating in crisis operations in both the Dominican Republic and Cuba. After discharge he spent 14 years in the Dearborn Police Department in patrol, undercover narcotics and SWAT assignments before moving on to his final career stop in corrections in Colorado. Beginning in prisons, he promoted to the rank of captain before taking a position as a criminal investigator. There he specialized in crimes perpetrated by convicts from within prison and frequently worked under cover to build cases against those who attempted to contract the murders of persons outside the prison.
Mr. Bell is the author of several articles featured in trade publications such as the FBI Law Enforcement Journal; Chief of Police Magazine and on the website. His technical opus, “Practical Criminal Investigations in Correctional Facilities” is regarded as the textbook for the highly specialized area of conducting criminal investigations within prisons. Other works include a short story about surviving prostate cancer; an historical fiction novella about a character involved in the U.S. Civil War and a pair of novels, fictional thrillers which make liberal use of his first-hand professional experiences to enrich the action sequences. He lives in Colorado with his long-legged wife Sherry, who is much too good for him.


Find the author:  Facebook §  @willydoright1  § Email  §  Website  §


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