Favorite Reads of 2012: Jacqueline Paige and her new release: Heart, book 1 of the Animal Trilogy

FavReadsbuttonToday I am pleased to present another of my Favorite Reads of 2012 by sharing the author and her latest work. Jacqueline Paige is a multi-published author of several books: her most recent release is Heart, the first in her Animal Trilogy.  In addition, Jacqueline has provided a ‘sneak peek’ into where she is thinking the series will go, as well as links to follow her and where to find her books.

Part of the reason I have chosen this author as one of my favorite reads is her characters.  Characters that develop and grow, worming their way into your head and heart, where they set up residence and you want to know more, needing that next book to touch back with the characters.  Her character development has become my archetypal standard when I read other books.


Title:  Heart
Author: Jacqueline Paige
Series:  Animal Trilogy, Book 1
Publisher:  Eternal Press
Format:  Paperback and eBook
Pages:  212
ISBN:  978-1615728039
Purchase:  Eternal Press § Amazon Paperback  §  Kindle  §  Barnes & Noble

About the Series / Book:    Three women without knowledge of their true heritage… Three men have waited for their mate all of their lives… Hearts and tempers collide with wild passions and animal instincts.

Torn from her sheltered life, Rayne is alone and scared after she discovers her fiancé is not the man she thought he was. Unable to accept the corrupt world he belongs to, she flees to the furthest possible location she can reach on her own. Nothing could ever prepare her for the journey and what she finds when she arrives. Is she strong enough to survive on her own? The epitome of the lone wolf, Devin stays in the wilderness and far away from people, avoiding the decision of whether to accept his title as leader and alpha of the pack. One alluring woman stirs his resolve and passion when she disturbs his solitary world. The man inside is tempted in a way he can’t understand but his wolf knows he’s found his mate. Can he have her without succumbing to the responsibilities waiting for him?

The Future of Animal Trilogy

It’s not often an entire plot comes to me, but with Animal Trilogy I wasn’t even finished the first book when the characters stories for the next two books started forming.  As soon as I met Gage and Calum, I knew they had to have a story.  My original plans were to write a single book, but once again my characters had other plans for me.

Heart opened so many avenues in their story that I had to keep a note book beside me to keep track of all the possibilities as I was writing.  In the next two books we’ll definitely be seeing more of Rayne and Devin.

The second book, Scent, is going to take us into the tiger shifter world with Gage and his mate Kelsey struggle to come together on terms they can both live with.   We’ll be seeing more of the Alliance in throughout this story as well, but that’s all I’m saying on that matter or I’ll give the entire plot away.

With the third book, Passion, Calum is going to find himself in a very strange situation, one where he can’t control, which is a very hard thing for the dominant panther shifter to accept.  It’s going to be a fun challenge to bring Calum’s mate into his world and see if he can keep his calm composure that we saw a bit of in the first book.

It’s going to be an adventure going into these stories, I can’t wait!    ~Jacqueline Paige

The Review:

With all of the books I have read from this author, characters reign supreme. Well defined and detailed characters highlight all of her books, and this series starter has two more characters that are sure to stay in your mind for weeks to come.  Points of view are always clearly voiced: confusion, self-doubt, love and even insecurities plague each of her characters, just as they do us in real life.

In this story, Rayne leaves the life she has always known in the midst of an emotional crisis.  Her desperation and confusion are detailed and there is instant sympathy for her underlying core of strength, even when her every reaction is one of a woman on the edge.   That random finger-point led her to the land of the lone wolf artist, Devin.  Jealously guarding his privacy, yet unmistakably attracted to Rayne on a level he doesn’t understand, the two are thrust into a series of interactions that are laden with tension, first in anger and later in unspoken attraction.

The characters in this book fairly leap off the page, the joy of being a reader is that you are seeing both parts of the romance long before the characters often realize their destiny is to be with one another.  With beautifully detailed world building, you can both see and feel the rainstorms and mouse-sized mosquitoes  even as you are on the edge of your seat riding out the danger with the characters.

As an opener for a series – this is a winner. I want to know more about Rayne and Devin, and see if they really do get their HEA as the trilogy progresses.

I received an eBook copy from the author in preparation for a beta read of book 2.  I was not compensated for this review, and all conclusions are my own responsibility.

I give Heart, book one in the Animal Trilogy 5 of 5 stars!

About the Author:   

I’m not even sure how long I sat here looked at the “About me” section … in a few short paragraphs I’m to explain who I am and how I got here.  Really, does anyone enjoy writing about themselves?  I write fiction for a reason, and maybe my ‘normal’ life is part of that reason.

Okay lets see ..

I am a mother to five adventurous and unpredictable children with an over active imagination that allows me to step outside of reality into a world of paranormal romance.

We live in Ontario, Canada and I avoid the ever changing weather of the region by creating other worlds to fall into stories of all things paranormal.

I began writing in 2006, not submitting that first story until 2009, since then fourteen of   original and entertaining books have been published.  I am always writing and currently have more than a dozen stories in one stage or another of the writing process.

Or the short version; I never sleep, never stop moving and drink a lot of caffeine!

Find Jacqueline at:

Website  §  Blogger  §  Facebook  §  MySpace  §  goodreads  §  @JacqPaige



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