Indies Rock Review: The Wisdom to Know the Difference by Leesa Freeman


As part of the Indie Authors Rock reviews, I am pleased to present The Wisdom to Know the Difference by Leesa Freeman. Please read on


The Wisdom to Know the Difference
Leesa Freeman
Paperback and eBook
CreateSpace Independent Publishing
268 Pages
ISBN:  978-1467912617

About the Book:
Todd Randall spent his life pushing the limits: stealing a pack of cigarettes and a beer and coming home smelling like tobacco and cheap beer; “borrowing” his father’s car, usually to screw girls in the backseat; snorting lines of OxyContin after a knee injury on the football field, eventually landing in rehab at the age of seventeen. Now he spends his days in his uncle’s auto body shop, struggling to stay clean, and refusing to get close to anyone because he fears he is unfit for human consumption.

When he meets Shawna Clifton, for the first time begins to see himself differently, and even though it scares the hell out of him, he feels compelled to reach for the life she offers. But when Shawna loses a pregnancy she never thought she’d have, they are left with are a choice: risking their heart for the unknown, or staying safe and simply getting by.

A touching, sometimes heartbreaking tale, The Wisdom to Know the Difference, is the story of one man’s desire to accept his mistakes, find the courage to allow himself to truly love, and finally become the person he so wants to be.

My Review:       I give The Wisdom to Know the Difference 5 out of 5 Stars.

It is difficult to explain the connection to a protagonist who seems to be fueled by guilt and shame, and doesn’t believe that he has grown or changed.  That is exactly what happens when you delve into this book, and pass the first chapter.  Todd is, in his own words, not fit for human consumption.  A recovering addict, with all of the associated baggage he is an incredibly sympathetic character and the source of the book’s point of view.

With a steady and relaxed hand, the author has woven a story that places you inside Todd’s head, able to feel the panic when his fears overwhelm him, celebrate his highs, and wallow in his lows.  From his own perspective, Todd is far less likable: so entwined in the shame of his addicted self he has yet to realize that life is full of second chances and opportunities.

I was immersed in this book, not wanting to put it down.  Todd was so beautifully crafted and developed, that he was instantly present and he developed into a far more attractive character as the story went on.  The book shows his growth change, rather than looking back on all that ‘may have been’, this is a book that captures the entire struggle of a life in transition and does it with heart and skill.

Beautifully voiced   and story line that will grab hold of your thoughts, this debut novel is one that shows great promise of more to come from this author.

I received an eBook copy from the author for purpose of honest review on my blog, I am, Indeed.  I was not compensated for this review, and all conclusions are my own responsibility.

Purchase The Wisdom to Know the Difference at:

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About the Author:

A native Texan, Leesa Freeman enjoys escaping the chill of New England, if only in her imagination, often setting her stories in the places she loved growing up. Some of her favorite moments are the ones where it’s just her, her Mac, and simply conversing with the people who live inside her head, and sharing their lives with those who take the time to read her stories. She lives in Connecticut with her husband and two daughters, where she is also an artist, avid baker, a self-proclaimed music snob, and recovering Dr. Pepper addict.

Find Leesa at:  Blog  §  Facebook  §



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