Indies Rock Review: Book of the Sky God by Laura Markowitz



Today I am pleased to present the debut work of author Laura Markowitz, a Young Adult Science Fiction adventure: Book of the Sky God.  Read on to find out more about just why this book should be on your (and your teen’s) To Be Read list! 

Book of the Sky God
Laura Markowitz
Story Bridge Books
ISBN:  978-0984916405
484 Pages
Genre: YA,  Sci-Fi Adventure
Purchase Now:  Amazon  §  Barnes & Noble  §  iBookstore  §  Kobo  §  ebookpie  §  Sony Reader Store
Stars:  5

About the Book:
The gods are coming back, and they’re not particularly happy. Five unlikely teenagers and one immortal shape-shifter are the only ones who can save humanity from their judgment. Ram Rajathani thinks he knows everything about his best friend, but he doesn’t know that Henry has been turned into a part-time zombie, or that Henry’s got a crush on a girl he recently met online. The girl, ComixChik8, is torturing Henry on purpose, but what she really wants to know is what she’s supposed to do with the cursed blue iguana that mysteriously appeared in her school locker. Henry Lipton has no idea he’s a part-time zombie. He thinks his biggest problem is girl-o-phobia. Ram’s sister Laila has a dangerous Mayan artifact stashed in the back of her closet. She suspects it can save humanity from the gods, but she has no idea how. Her older sister, Nina, isn’t afraid of gods, but she’s desperate to make some friends. She’s about to discover she has mad spy skills. In the meantime, the secretive Brotherhood of the Prophecy rescheduled the end of the world, and now they plan to cash in on it. These five teenagers must race against time to outwit the Brotherhood and save humanity from the gods. No biggie.

My Review:

What if the prophecies of the world ending in 2012 were true? What if the only thing standing between that and the demise of all that we know are 5 teenagers?

That is exactly what happens when the five teens struggle to save the world and manage their own life crises in a thoroughly engaging and fast paced adventure. Laced with Mayan culture, references and enough real-world issues to feel immediate and present, the author has woven a tale that will capture young and old alike.

Characters are well defined and presented, with conversations that flow as smoothly as those overheard in the mall and neatly intertwines those conversations with the action and the story flow.  The book presents a simple treatise on working together and the connection of all things, past and present, animate and inanimate, and has enough of the fantastical to remove it only slightly from the concerns of the world we live in.

It quickly reveals just enough of the plot in each chapter, with a teaser for the next that makes this one book that was incredibly difficult to put down.  The writing is smooth and accomplished, and the skillful combination of writing and plotting bring this story through twists and turns to a conclusion that is expected, but not quite.  A great read for a snowy winter day, the combination of science-fiction, magic, paranormal, history and just ordinary teens will appeal to many.

I received an eBook copy from author for purpose of honest review on my blog I am, Indeed. I was not compensated for this review, and all conclusions are my own responsibility.

About the Author:   Laura Markowitz is a journalist, editor and multimedia producer in Tucson, Arizona, and winner of a National Magazine Award for writing. She likes to write late at night when the coyotes get rowdy, while keeping an eye on the sky for returningLaura_Markowitz_Photo gods.

As a producer for Arizona Public Media, which is Southern Arizona’s NPR and PBS station, I like to do long radio features about interesting ideas and controversies.  My magazine feature stories have appeared in dozens of publications, from Utne Reader to Glamour, Ms., Mademoiselle, Self, Tricycle and many others. As a journalist, I studied and trained as a couples and family therapist so that I could better write about the psychology fields (I’ve never practiced as a therapist. I’d rather write about it!).   I co-edited a few nonfiction books for a therapist, but Book of the Sky God is my first novel. I started writing fiction in 2005, and my second novel is schedule to come out this spring from Story Bridge Books. When I’m not writing, you can find me hiking in the Sonoran Desert or making pottery in my studio.

Find Laura at  Website  §  Facebook  §  goodreads  §  @Laura_Markowitz  §  LibraryThing


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