Review: Clockwork Dwarf by Bret Jordan

ClockworkDwarfBannercopyToday I am pleased to present Clockwork Dwarf by Bret Jordan. Find other stops for this book tour here:  Tour Dates

Clockwork Dwarf

Bret Jordan
Purple Sword Publications, LLC
259 Pages
ISBN# 978-1612920498
Purchase:  Purple Sword  §  Amazon  §  Barnes & Noble

About the Book:  Gustov Stoneheart is an unlikely hero, a dwarf who’s magically torn from friends and family, thrown into a world where magic collides with steampunk. A prophecy predicts that he will bring down the human federation, and they hunt him with a passion. Hiding from them isn’t easy in the federation’s police-state, and Gustov must rethink his deep seated bigotry as orcs, elves, and his own changed kind aid him to make the prophecy come true.

The Review:  

Bret Jordan has done an amazing job with the characterizations of all of the players, each has a patois and a voice that is distinct and particular, and the descriptions are all detailed enough to bring characters to life while managing to allow the reader’s own particular experience to help formulate the visions. With a bit of a prophecy wound in, but never quite explained fully, there is a bit of a mystery that threads throughout the story, with possibilities and options being discussed BY characters, filling in some details and creating more questions for themselves and the reader near equally. Battle scenes are emotionally raw and gripping, without overly choreographed movements, giving the battle scenes a fluidity and a sense of immediacy that is often lost in more `strategic’ approaches. Of course – this is an allegorical story of good and bad, right and wrong, but it is so much more than just that. With the highlighting of Gustov’s story, and his steady narration of events, occasional rambling rants, and unexpectedly funny or touching insights into his life and the lives of others, this story has heart, action, mystery , information and great characters that will please many readers.

I received an eBook copy from the author for purpose of honest review for Book Trailer Showcase VBT. I was not compensated for this review, and all conclusions are my own responsibility.

I give Clockwork Dwarf  5 out of 5 stars!


About the Author:  Bret is a resident of Southeast Texas and an avid reader who devours books in almost every genre and tries to bring a little of that variety into his writing. It’s all BretFBPicabout people, adventure, escape from the humdrum of reality and the ever-present question, “what if?”

When not writing or spending time with his wife and children he puts pen to paper as an illustrator and sometimes digital artist. To get away from it all he can often be found riding the roads of Southeast Texas on the back of his motorcycle.

Find Bret at:  Website  §  Facebook  §  Blog  §


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