Indies Rock Review with Giveaway!: The Gordonston Ladies Dog Walking Club by Duncan Whitehead


Today I am pleased to present a mystery- if you like the board game Clue as a child, you are sure to like The Gordonston Ladies Dog Walking Club  by Duncan Whitehead.

Additionally – go to this rafflecopter and enter to win one of 2 signed paperback copies of the book – US entries only, drawing ends 18 January, 2013. (Winners notified on 19 January via email)

The Gordonston Ladies Dog Walking Club
Author:  Duncan Whitehead
Format:  Paperback and eBook
Publisher:  Dog Ear Publishing
Pages:  196
ISBN:  978-1457514500
Genre: Crime/Mystery
Purchase:  Amazon  §  Barnes & Noble
Stars:  4

About the Book:   Something is not quite right in the leafy Savannah neighborhood of Gordonston.

As the friends and fellow members of her afternoon cocktail club gather to mourn the death and lament the life of their neighbor, Thelma Miller, not all is what it seems.

As old friends vie for the attention of widower, Alderman and mayoral candidate Elliott, jealousies surface and friendships are strained. An old woman with a dark secret and an infamous uncle plots her revenge for a perceived wrong done over thirty years before, a once successful children’s writer with his own secret is haunted by memories of the past and aspiring model Kelly Hudd has just won the trip of a lifetime.

As secrets are revealed and history, both old and recent, unravel and an intertwined web of deceits and lies surfaces in the middle class neighborhood a killer lurks and is anyone really who they seem to be? A mysterious European gentleman in South America, a young Italian count parading the streets of Paris and a charitable and kind hearted nephew recently arrived from India add to the remarkable assortment of characters in this story of intrigue, deceit and revenge. What is the secret a recently retired accountant is trying to hide and just why did the former showgirl and attractive sixty two year old widow Carla Zipp really have plastic surgery?

As the plot thickens and the Georgia summer temperature rises we discover who is destined for an early-unmarked grave in the wooded park that centers the tree-lined avenues of Gordonston.

A mysterious organization with links to organized crime, a handsome fire fighter who can do no wrong and a trio of widows with deep hidden agendas compound a story of simplistic complexity. As twists and turns lead the reader to a conclusion that they will not see coming and a sucker punch ending that will leave readers breathless, the Gordonston Ladies Dog Walking Club’s top priority remains the need to chastise the culprit who refuses to ‘scoop’ after his dog walking sessions in their treasured park.

My Review:  
In a cleverly twisted plot, there are 4 possible victims, and yet only one suspect, so far.  With an eye for lush imagery and a tongue in cheek sense of the absurdities of suburban living, the satire is intermingled throughout the story, aiding in the reader’s enjoyment of the characters and the plots that are set against them.

With distrust and suspicion, friendships and romantic entanglements are revealed, and are slowly unravelling as the plot thickens, with several twists that were unique and very reminiscent of playing the game of Clue as a child.  Thoroughly entertaining, the pacing improves as the book moves on to a conclusion that certainly leaves room open for one, or more, murders.

I received an eBook copy from the author for purpose of honest review during my Indies Rock promotion on I am, Indeed.  I was not compensated for this review, and all conclusions are my own responsibility.

About the Author:  Duncan was born in England in 1967.   After a successful career in the military where he served in British Embassies throughout South America and saw service in the Gulf War he joined the world of super yachts as a Purser aboard some of the world’s largest private vessels, working for many high profile individuals, being fortunate enough to visit some of the world’s most luxurious and exotic places.

Eventually retiring to Savannah, Georgia, he began to partake of his greatest passion, writing. Initially writing short stories he finally put pen to paper and wrote The Gordonston Ladies Dog Walking Club, inspired by the quirky characters and eeriness of his new environment, the book, a thriller, which boasts an assortment of characters and plot twists, set in the leafy neighborhood where he lived.

His passion for comedy saw submissions to The Onion and a stint performing as a stand-up comedian.  He is a former boxer, representing the Royal Navy and an English under 19 team as an amateur and is a qualified teacher of English as a foreign language as well as a former accomplished children’s soccer coach.

In 2011 Duncan returned to South America, spending six months in Brazil and a few months in Paraguay before travelling to the Middle-East and Europe before returning to the United States.  He is fluent in Spanish and Portuguese, gets by with Russian and Arabic and lists his hobbies and passions as cooking, the Israeli self defense art of Krav Maga, Esgrima Criolla (The South American Art of knife Fighting)and the deadly pressure point martial art Dim-Mak.

Duncan has written over 2,000 spoof and comedy news articles, under various aliases, for an assortment of web sites both in the US and UK.

As well as his other activities he performs volunteer work, as a hospice visitor.
He has penned a further novel; a comedy set in Manhattan, The Reluctant Jesus, as well as drafting the sequel and second book in The Gordonston Ladies Dog Walking Club triology.

Find Duncan at:  Website  §  Facebook  §  @DuncanWhitehead 


One thought on “Indies Rock Review with Giveaway!: The Gordonston Ladies Dog Walking Club by Duncan Whitehead

  1. Thank you for this! The book is now $2.99 everywhere and the sequel has been written (thanks for not giving away the ending!)

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