Indies Rock Review: The Last Tower by Brian Oxley

IndieButton_edited-1Today I am pleased to present an unusual work of fiction that I hope many will find interesting and thought-provoking.  Please read on to see more about The Last Tower by Brian Oxley.



The Last Tower
Brian Oxley
Oxvision Books
ISBN: 978-1938068009
172 Pages
Paperback and eBook
General Fiction

About the Book:   Imagine a sinister threat is looming, whose potential for malice is barely discernible…for now.

A series of destructive waves – shocks to the world system – takes place during the first two decades of the new millennium that initially  appears to have no connection. But the ensuing shock waves do not pass and fade. They grow and converge to undermine our confidence in the entire world order.

Five friends begin to creatively imagine the results of a world dominated by a leadership with a hidden agenda. Peppering the conversation with stories that illustrate their hopes and fears, they engage in a charged dialogue. Hearts and minds confront one another to find glimmers of Truth and the unsettling possibility of supernatural involvement.

More than a prophetic fable, it’s a call for some soul-searching introspection. And hey, it’s just five regular guys at the Star Diner engaged in a little…spirited discussion. We’re just talking…

Watch the trailer and download a sample of the book HERE

My Review:


In a post 9-11 world, five long-term friends meet up regularly at a small diner to have dinner, share ideas and discuss their lives.  The discussions are lively and peppered with bits of foretelling, that seem to both warn of possibilities and depict events that have happened, with haunting potential for future events that could happen.

In a strangely true-to-life way, I could envision these sorts of discussions around my dinner table, peppered with friends of different viewpoints, careers, and spiritual outlooks on life.  Discussions are lively and deep, while many are speculative based on current realities and technological potential and possibilities, climate change, governmental upheaval and other catastrophic events.  There is even a friend with a mild case of conspiracy-theology.  As a read, it was gripping, disturbing and left me with so many different thoughts on the connectedness of people from every country now share in this technologically intertwined world.

Beautifully written, with illustrations that often help to reinforce a key point the book has a style unlike others I have read.  Inserts of biblical excerpts that relate to the times at hand, as well as some parable-style stories that are guaranteed to spur more conversation at the table add to the oddly comforting feeling generated by these five friends and their long-term bonds to one another despite tremendous personal differences.

This is a book of conversations and ideas, and as such is quite masterful in displaying many sides of an issue, and guarantees to have readers considering all that is discussed.  I truly enjoyed this book, was alternately hopeful and terrified with some of the conversational topics and conclusions, and feel certain that it will be the sort of book that you want to pass on to your friends for your own ‘’diner discussions”. 

I received an eBook copy from the author for purpose of honest review in my Indies Rock promotion on I am, Indeed.  I was not compensated for this review, and all conclusions are my own responsibility. 


I give The Last Tower by Brian Oxley 5 Stars.

Oxvision Books  §  Amazon Paper  §  Kindle 


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