Indies Rock Review: Flotilla by Daniel Haight


Today I am pleased to present Flotilla by Daniel Haight, a cross-over apocalyptic science-fiction with a 15 year old main character.  Please read on…..

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Daniel Haight
Paperback and eBook
Apocalyptic Science Fiction
206 Pages
The Aspire Company
ISBN:  978-0615562544
About the Book:    What would you do if you only had minutes to live? Flotilla is a crossover apocalyptic science-fiction in which a young man is thrown into an ocean, literally and figuratively, to become both a survivor and a hero. Jim is a slacker teen alcoholic who leaves rehab to start life aboard a sea steading community. It’s a floating city filled with strange and dangerous characters who work at farming edible fish and other enterprises. Jim sees this as an opportunity to re-connect with his estranged father, Rick, but he quickly finds out that second chances can come with strings attached.

Jim learns what hard work and responsibility mean while learning the ropes of a dangerous, lonely job. He is often at the mercy of Rick and his hustling friends. Daily adventures and brushes with death give Jim the chance to grow up and screw up. His new home serves as both the classroom and crucible he needs to put his past behind him. At the same time, the Colony is also a dangerous ecosystem. Drug-dealing, human trafficking and gambling create fortunes that people will lie, cheat and kill to protect. Jim doesn’t know how his father is connected but there are many signs that Rick isn’t there just for the free Scuba lessons.

The tension explodes when a terrorist attack hits nearby Los Angeles. Jim and his sister Nancy are safe for the moment aboard the Colony but Rick is drafted and taken ashore. Now the kids are left helpless to deal with angry drug pirates and crooked cops. Will Jim be able save himself and his sister? Is doing the right thing always the right choice? The answer will keep fans of Blade Runner, The Hunger Games and Firefly hooked until the last page.

Flotilla has already captured the hearts of readers worldwide as its issues are real and relevant to many young people who are growing up in today’s risk-filled environment. This is a whirlwind adventure over two summers that paints a vivid picture of adventure and hardship. It is also a deeply moving look at the impact of sustainable technology on some hilariously dysfunctional, flawed characters. Readers are finding Flotilla to be a stirring coming-of-age tale that brings together fathers and sons and conquers loss through courage and inner strength.

My Review: 

There are many things to recommend this book: well developed characters and a first person narration by the main character, Jim. Jim is 15 and like most teens has his moments of childish behavior and recalcitrant attitude when he feels someone is treating him like a child.  In an attempt to ‘realign’ his priorities after a stay in rehab for alcohol, his mother seeks out his deadbeat and otherwise troubled father, Rick, in the hopes that Jim will find a new start on the offshore society called the Colony.

Interactions displayed in a series of flashbacks, intermingled with current conversations further develop the character and the reader understands both his attitude and his reasons for escaping into the haze of alcohol abuse.  All the characters have a care with which they are crafted, and their importance to Jim, and in the story are skillfully displayed in conversation and interaction that never feels forced or unrealistic.  I do think that readers who are looking for more science fiction or apocalyptic story line may find the early part of the book drags, as the pacing is more character driven than fast paced and dramatic moments of climactic build.  That changes with a bang just after, and the plot moves at a near frenetic pace to the end.  I enjoyed the book, and while I thought that too many loose ends were left unresolved, it does provide a perfect lead in for another book in the series.

A good read to share with your 15+ readers, the character of Jim will ring true and real to them and provide an opportunity for them to engage with a book that doesn’t condescend but speaks to their sense of adventure and empathy.

I received an eBook copy from the author for purpose of honest review for my Indies Rock series on I am, Indeed.  I was not compensated for this review, and all conclusions are my own responsibility. 

I give Flotilla 4 out of 5 Stars! 

Purchase Flotilla now at: 

Amazon  §  Barnes & Noble § Smashwords

About the Author:

Daniel Haight is a long-time author of numerous published short stories and now a new novel  Flotilla.  Since 2007, Dan Haight has been published by many fiction sites and is known for his blend of dark humor and crackling narrative.  As a native of the San Francisco Bay Area, Dan first fell in love with science-fiction watching Star Wars and
Star Trek before moving onto the other classics of the genre.  He lives with his family and when he isn’t writing, he works as a lowly IT guy in a large computer company (which we won’t name because they threatened us).

Dan started writing with his first story back in Sixth Grade, an epic tome featuring the adventures of a guy named ‘Daytona Titanium’ and the rest was history.  “I was just having fun,” Haight says.  “I had no idea what I was doing – I’d see a TV show or a movie that caught my attention and shamelessly rip it off.”  He grew his experience through practice and is frequently found browsing second-hand book shops to discover new stories to enjoy.  Although he enjoys being an author, Daniel Haight also considers himself a geek and fan of post-apocalyptic fiction.

Dan’s first short stories were published to immediate rave reviews by fans and professionals alike.  “I loved the fact that people connected with me,” Dan relates, “but I wanted to do the big one – I wanted to publish a novel.”  He continued working with a project that started out as an idle daydream back in 2007 to turn it into the novel  Flotilla currently grabbing the attention of audiences worldwide.

Find Daniel at:  Website §  Facebook § Goodreads § @FlotillaOnline


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