Review and Giveaway: The Vampire’s Hope by Danica Winters

Today I get to present this author for a second time in a review of A Vampire’s Hope  by Danica Winters.  This was a very long tour with plenty to see; please check out the tour stops to see more.  Additionally, you can enter via this Rafflecopter to win one of 15 eBook copies of The Vampire’s Hope.

But first – the book:

Title: The Vampire’s Hope
Series: The Vampire’s Hope: Book One
Author: Danica Winters
Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance, Suspense
Publisher: BTGN
Format: eBook
Pages:  40 (approximate)
Purchase:  Amazon | Barnes and Noble | All Romance
Stars:  4
About the Book:  Ellie Smith, an emotionally stunted dancer, finds more than she bargains for after her human life is taken by the vampire, Master Liam.  Once inside the Vampire’s underground lair, the Keres Den, she meets Ian, an immortal Viking warrior, who is infiltrating the soulless prison.  (New Paragraph) As Ellie begins her training, she learns that the dark tunnels around her are filled with even darker secrets.  As the truth of her existence come to light, she is faced with a choice—does she let her past dictate her future, or can she begin to feel again?

The Review:

I want more! More about the history, more about the Keres, Ian and Master Liam – these were fascinating and intriguing and left me thinking on the connections and allegories for hours.  What was a reasonably successful short, in that it built intrigue, gave tastes of characters and created a smart and engaging character in Ellie left me feeling as if there was more of the story to tell.

Certainly the premise of the story is wonderful, but the short form was more an amuse- bouche than a full course.  There were some minor “fluffy” bits of extra words, some poor word choices that were more an annoyance as I was flipping the pages to discover more about the conflicts, the history and just how Ellie would relate to her new “life”.  Sharp tongued and street smart, I really liked her and was intrigued by her reactions and story.

This could be a wonderful full length story: to Danica Winters credit she crafted a series of interrelated elements in a new way, with an original series of ideas and a vivid world created in which to bring the action to climax.  As a prequel to a more flushed out and longer book, with deeper explanations and more time to develop the characters I think it would be a world-beater and sure to enthrall readers.  As a short, it has some difficulties, but nothing that doesn’t make me want to bang on the author’s door and demand a second and longer book with these characters that expands on the premise and promise between these pages.

I purchased an eBook copy prior to the opportunity to review for Full Moon Bites tours.  I was not compensated for this review, and all conclusions are my own responsibility. 


About the Author:  Danica Winters is an Amazon best-selling romance author based in Montana. She is known for writing award-winning books that grip readers with their ability to drive emotion through suspense and often a touch of magic. She is a member of Romance Writers of America, Montana Romance Writers, and Greater Seattle Romance Writers. She is a contributor to magazines, websites, and news organizations. She enjoys spending time with friends and family, the outdoors, and the bliss brought by the printed word.

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