Indies Rock Review: Incoming Alert by Arlene Webb

Today I am pleased to present Incoming Alert by Arlene Webb

Incoming Alert FINAL COVER

Incoming Alert 
Arlene Webb
324 Pages
Sci-Fi Adventure

About the Book:  How Not to Celebrate your Century Birthday:
Tell overprotective parents you’ll be fine.
Phase to a parallel dimension to amuse yourself with humans and choose a name.
Arrive flat on your face.
Learn you’re unique among immortals, and not in a good way.

Hello, Earth. Boy’s victory dance on top of a cafeteria table doesn’t last long.
She’s looking at me? Seriously? Jubilation vanishes when he realizes the young woman gawking at his trembling two-inch form–which should be invisible–is as frightened as him.
Major screw up that he is, he ignores everything he’s been told about survival and shifts larger without first refilling his phase-depleted veins.
Then comes the icing on what’s sure to be his last birthday cake. After denying he’s crawled out of the meatloaf, he bonds with the mortal. Not only is he drawn to a first century name that guarantees anger and ridicule, it’s doubtful he’ll survive this birthday, let alone celebrate another.

Incoming Alert is a science-fiction adventure novel for general audience, but contains violence and adult themes. No vampires, weres, zombies, fey, or previously known supernaturals were used or otherwise harmed in the making of this novel.

My Review:    An intriguing premise and incredibly unique world and character building set the stage for this novel. Creating a whole new and different character archetype, the Ron, and imbuing that character with a voice that is alternately sweet and sarcastic, innocent and worldly Arlene Webb has created a story that is difficult to put down.  Integrating dimension / world hopping,  culture clashes and similarities and the ever present voicing of Caron in his struggle to understand, relate and integrate his newfound experiences into something that makes sense to him.

With a deft hand, the author has integrated quite clever wordplay into the conversations and interactions, as well as the interior voices of the characters.  While I found Caron quite refreshingly unique and well developed, and his family bonds well defined and palpable, there were some misses in some of the secondary characters that made them less believable, although that was not dramatic enough to distract from the story.  It really is a story of Caron, and he is the highlight and the glue that holds the story in place.  While there are places that the plot seems to jump about, and sections could easily have been omitted, if you are patient and stay with the story, it does all come clear: and is well worth the wait.

A story that has so many unique elements that are well done, with dialogue that requires you to just “go along” for the ride until the pattern and rhythm appear – this book was a fun read. Not perfect, but different enough in concept and craft to keep me reading. Certainly one that an older YA reader would enjoy (there are some adult themes and violence) with a character that is bound to make you laugh at his observations and asides.   One that will certainly have me looking at more of this author’s work.

I received an eBook copy from the author for purpose of honest review as part of my Indies Rock promotion on I am, Indeed.  I was not compensated for this review, and all conclusions are my own responsibility. 

I gave Incoming Alert  4 out of 5 Stars

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About the Author:    Sci-fi, paranormal, thriller-mystery, indefinable, I’m an author who adds sweet and spicy layers of romance to any genre.

I was born in upstate New York, land of cows, snow, drizzle and sometimes a ray of sun. Second oldest with four siblings, I spent my childhood reading everything I could get my hands on. Adolescence found me questioning the validity of everything I read, along with acquiring the usual scars of high school.

Early twenties, I headed for the Pacific. A stop off to visit a friend in the desert turned into years in Tucson, Arizona. I worked as a waitress, bartender, greenhouse worker, greyhound trainer, while swapping a psych major for one in plant sciences at the University of Arizona. Fired for skipping employee meetings at restaurants, employee gambling at the dogtrack, refusing to use live rabbits as bait, it fell to planting cacti and bartending to pay my way through college.

My late twenties found me running family owned greenhouses and florist shops in New York. When the reality of retail life became too mundane to handle, I began an obsessive love of creating more interesting worlds.

Find Arlene at: Website § Facebook § goodreads § @Arlene_Webb_

6 thoughts on “Indies Rock Review: Incoming Alert by Arlene Webb

    • Define “tone” – it is a great YA read with some humor and age appropriate language for a YA read. It’s not horridly dark – although there are dark elements that create conflict – like most (if not all) books – my liking of it is subjective, I enjoyed the differences and construction – others may prefer something that closer fits the other books they have read. I can’t speak to more than that without more edification of your meaning

      • Hmm, you spoke about clever wordplay in the conversations and interactions of the characters. I merely wanted to know more about this clever wordplay, and the style (dynamic, dry, detached, playful) by which the novel was written. You’re right, ‘tone’ is somewhat vague. So I guess the better question would be, is the paragraph that starts with “Hello, Earth” an excerpt from the book? 🙂

        I must admit I haven’t read much science fiction beyond the standard Vonneguts that have come my way. 🙂 I’m reading Philip K. Dick now, as I was told he was the master of Sci-Fi. But as for YA (in general), I haven’t read a lot of those, either. So any help/recommendations would be appreciated. Thank you!

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