Review: Willows by Shaun Harmon


Today I am very pleased to present Willows by Shaun Harmon.

Shaun Harmon
Contemporary Fiction
179 Pages
Trois Coccinelles Publishing
Purchase Now:  Amazon

About the Book:

Marcus has found the love of his life. Tami is everything he could ask for and more and he can’t wait to settle down and start a family in Willows, the small suburban town they were both raised in.

Their plans are derailed by Tami’s secrets. Secrets that turn their quiet suburban existence into a powder keg of lies, lust and depravity.

Marcus’ plans for a perfect life is twisted into something unrecognizable and he learns that sometimes, even faith and love aren’t enough to save you.

Book Review:

I am familiar with this writer’s style and his ability to display and project emotion outward with surgical precision, always reaching the target who is viscerally reacting to the words on the page.  With each new revelation in this story, the confusion, despair and often utter devastation are palpable emotions as the reader is dragged along on the journey.  The unique perspective of a relationship gone horridly awry by using a male main character and voice, do seem to provide an extra ‘oomph’ to a strongly emotional tale of a family in dissolution.

The tale unfolds in a series of flashbacks and remembered conversations and erotic encounters. Marcus is searching for new footing and a new perspective as he dissects the relationship looking for the ever elusive “missed clues”. His process of allowing despair and bitterness to effect memory of each conversation and moment is one that is familiar to any reader who has lost a love, or lost the rose-tinted vision of the dream for a future with the one they love.  That makes this a story that is uniquely universal and touching, with events detailed in such a way as to provide a guidebook of what one can experience in the situation, and will resonate with readers as they seek to despise Tami or cheer for Marcus.

A story that will make you laugh, cry, despair, hope and cheer, Willows has transcended its suburban New York setting to provide a glimpse of life behind closed doors that could be happening anywhere in the world, with all sorts of combinations of couples.  Personally I am very excited to see more of Marcus on his search for a new version of his dream.

I purchased a copy of Willows for my own library.  I was not compensated for this review, and all conclusions are my own responsibilty.

I gave Willows by Shaun Harmon 5 Stars.

Be Sure to look for the BTS eMagazine review of Willows when the eMag releases on February 1, 2013

About the Author:

Shaun Harmon is a writer and blogger and author of the novel Willows. A former corporate honcho, Shaun quit his corporate life to dedicate himself to writing and to life as a single dad. He and his daughter recently moved to the NJ suburbs, which he finds is giving him ideas for many, many novels. Shaun is hard at work on the follow up to Willows,
Cul de Sac to be released Spring 2013.

Find Shaun at:  Website  §  @shauntharmon  §  facebook  §  goodreads


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