Indie Authors Rock Review, Giveaway and More: Lost in a Looking Glass, Irv’s Odyssey Book 1 by Irving H. Podolsky

IndieButton_edited-1Today is a day full of goodies!  First there is the book I am presenting: Lost in a Looking Glass, Book One in the Irv’s Odyssey series by Irving H. Podolsky.  Additionally – there is an interview with Irving, and a giveaway.  You can enter to win one of 2 copies of Lost in a Looking Glass in eBook form, and every entrant will be entered in the final grand prize drawing for 1 eBook copy of the Irv’s Odyssey trilogy which contains Lost in a Looking Glass, To the Light and Beyond and  Seeking the Way Home.  Entry instructions and link are at the end of the post.

But first, let me welcome Irving H. Podolsky  to the Blog….

Thanks for being here today – how about you tell us how you came up with the idea for the Irv’s Odyssey trilogy?   And you can read the answer HERE

And now – the Book!


Lost in a Looking Glass
Irving H. Podolsky
Irv’s Odyssey, Book 1
Mill City Press
ISBN:  978-1936780365
Paperback and eBook
Purchase Now:  Amazon  §  Barnes & Noble
Stars:  5

About the Book:
Irving Podolsky is a nice Jewish boy looking for a nice Jewish girl and a job out of college which would, Irv hopes, make the world a better place. But when our hero’s food supply dwindles down to a slab of Velveeta and a jar of pickles, our lad takes his only job offer: directing pornographic movies. This leads to a night shift gig in a mental hospital, only to have that be replaced by the lowest rung in food service, which drives Irv so bonkers his mind ejects out of his body to the Other Side. Irv’s Odyssey is a humorous quest for love, truth and the meaning of life while lost in alternate life styles, a psychedelic drug culture and the free-love of the seventies. Lost in a Looking Glass starts the journey.

Book Review: 
This was a cleverly written story, delving into all of those issues a newly minted university graduate faces, especially one with an obscure degree in filmmaking.  As strange as it may seem, although set in the 70’s, the issues that Irv faces: getting a job without experience, being responsible for your own support out of school, finding a home, making connections are all issues faced today.

The story had me laughing and groaning, with a distinct voice and a somewhat naïve approach to life and sex, Irv’s immersion into the world of porn films was penned in a conversational first person style, that often felt very much like a series of screen shots  of a day in the life.  Well described places, which one would expect from a filmmaker, help to fix imagery in the reader’s mind, and the wonder about what will happen next will keep you turning pages.   A solid mix of storytelling and humor kept the pacing fresh and steady, and the year flew by as the pages turned.

A perfect introduction to this coming-of-age trilogy of one young Jewish man in the midst of the era of sex, drugs and rock and roll.

I received an eBook copy from the author for purpose of honest review as a part of the Indie Authors Rock promotion at I am, Indeed.  I was not compensated for this review, and all conclusions are my own responsibility.

About the Author:

Who’s Irving H. Podolsky? He’s a young man who hates his name, and he thinks his parents unfairly gave it to him. They didn’t. This author did. You see, outside the trilogy of 16505_20x16_P_MMIrv’s Odyssey and also Irving’s blog, there is no Irving H. Podolsky. Irv doesn’t know that though, and it’s best for all that we keep the secret to ourselves.

If you searched this author’s true identity, you’d find him laced through 23 consecutive pages of Google. That’s because he has earned nineteen film nominations and awards, including two Emmys. He is also a member of the Executive Board within his category branch of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and he has worked on every studio lot in Los Angeles in television and feature films.

The author’s personal life? He resides in an old house in a quaint neighborhood in Southern California. He loves vintage drums and antiques. Consequently, he has many. His wife collects and sells them. (Not drums, furniture.) He also enjoys fast sports cars so he owns two. The second is on its way to becoming vintage, which you might apply to this writer. But like Peter Pan, this writer refuses to grow old, and accordingly, Irv won’t either. Irving is perpetually twenty-five. So when the lad needs advice, he asks his alter ego, the creator of his thoughts.

Other than birthing Irv’s soul, this author leaves his character pretty much alone. Irving now has his own friends and Google links. You can contact Irv at Or check out his blog: He will be happy to hear from you and respond as best as he can.

Website  §  Blog 

And now – what can you win?  Well, for entering this Rafflecopter here, you can be one of 2 lucky winners of an eBook copy of Lost in a Looking Glass AND be entered into the grand prize drawing to win the one eBook copy of the trilogy.  Pretty groovy – huh?


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