Indie Authors Rock Review: Boy, Girl, Wise one by Anthony Coleman


Today I have a teen/parent self-help book, Boy, Girl, Wise One by Anthony Coleman.

Boy, Girl, Wise One
Anthony Coleman
157 Pages
ISBN: 978-1105622816
Purchase Now:

Stars:  3

About the Book:
We live in a society that has accepted and adjusted to negativity to the point where ignorance is approved. Corruption has took over and truth has been forgotten. Engage in the wisdom of the Wise one who gives clarification to the daily problems that our youth are facing and the guidance of how to solve them.

Book Review:

Written in the form of a series of conversations, a teenaged boy and girl are able to pose questions about everyday experiences to the “wise one”

While I found the format easy to read, and it was quite unique, it seemed as if this was a better book for parents to read and use as dinner table conversations, or as part of their regular parenting efforts with their teens.

The format does allow a younger reader to process information and questions in a new way, which will allow them to apply logic, personal morality and even good manners to every potential situation.  Where I think that this book lost me somewhat was in the questions that often were far too complex and multi-layered in their posing, with no easily relayed answer.  And yet, all of the answers given were concise and practical, with many examples given to illustrate solution. And anyone who has watched humans behave understands that never is there one answer or simple solution to many of the problems that everyone in society faces today, not just teens.

Often we search for solutions in a book or a how-to guide, and while this is a good starter, and has many valuable tips; personal experience, logic and considered thought would be able to get most parents through these sorts of situations and conversations with their teens.

I received an eBook from the author for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review, and all conclusions are my own responsibility.


About the Author:

Author and Certified Life Coach, Anthony Coleman, has always had the desire to awaken the potential of others to become the best they can be. Being the President and Co-Founder of VOICE Group, Anthony sets his eyes on putting his desire into action.



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