Introducing Trois Coccinelles Publishing, LLC

Contact - Trois Coccinelles, LLC
Today I am thrilled to present a venture from a friend of mine:  Trois Coccinelles Publishing, LLC.  That’s 3 Ladybugs to those who aren’t fluent in french.  TC is the brainchild of Dee Dee Mozeleski, and one of those people who loves to bring people together in partnerships that benefit everyone.

In addition to providing publishing services, TC has been formatted to be a one stop resource for writers, authors and hopefuls.  I’ll let Dee Dee tell you herself:

  When I was a little girl, books got me through all of the ups and downs of childhood. II used to imagine what it would be like to have my own place and  once saw a photo of Jacqueline Kennedy’s New York City apartment and realized that she loved books, probably more than I did. I promised that as an adult, books would be an important part of my life. I wrote throughout high school, but never imagined I could write for a living. I thought that’s what other people did. Instead, I read. And by ‘read’, I mean I read everything that I could on every subject.

  Instead of becoming a writer, I went into the non-profit world where I have had the amazing fortune of working with some of the most innovative and thoughtful people of our time. And, what do they ask me to do on a regular basis? They ask me to write.

  When I decided to launch Trois Coccinelles Publishing I knew that I wanted to bring together what I have learned throughout my career as a fundraiser and what I have learned as a writer and a lover of words: Namely, the writer is his or own brand and that brand has to be developed in a way where your words become the most important marketing tool you own.

  I look at Trois Coccinelles as a full-service home for all of the needs writers have. Don’t know how to format your book for E-sales? Let us help. Aren’t sure how to connect with a graphic designer who will create something both unique and relevant to what you have written? We’ve been there and now know the answers. Aren’t sure why you need to build a social media campaign from the ground up? We know the answer to this question and so much more. And we want to help you grow your writing platform, starting with the small parts that create a foundation to the big picture of getting books into the hands of readers.

  We have one mission:  Trios Coccinelles will always be a home for writers and the people who love their words. Each new author becomes part of the family because in an era where people believe 10,000 ‘fans’ really do love them, we know that it’s the loyalty building on both sides that will sustain a long-term author/reader relationship.

  Want to become part of the Trois Coccinelles family? Email me today! 

It’s easy to reach out to Trois Coccinelles

website  §  @3coccinelles  §  Facebook 

 Snail Mail:
400 Main Street, Suite 100-324
Metuchen, New Jersey 08840


One thought on “Introducing Trois Coccinelles Publishing, LLC

  1. Thank you so much! It’s such a joy to get to meet, and work with, so many talented people! It’s like the best of all worlds combined and having you on my side is the double bonus!

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