Release Day Review! Is Your Wetsuit Like a Bad Love Affair, and Other Essays by Dee Dee Mozeleski

Is-Your-Wetsuit-hi-res-300Love.  Who doesn’t obsess over it, wonder about finding it, mourn the loss? Today I am pleased to present the debut offering by author Dee Dee Mozeleski, and her book
Is Your Wetsuit Like a Bad Love Affair, and Other Essays.

Is Your Wetsuit Like a Bad Love Affair, and Other Essays
Dee Dee Mozeleski
Trois Coccinelles Publishing, LLC.
37 pages (approx.)
Purchase Now:  Amazon  **Free for the day**

About the Book:   

How long does it take to move past heartbreak? Even after writing through loves lost and loves found, I don’t have a definite answer, but I do have a lot more insight into why so many of us keep looking, long after many people would stop.

Sometimes sad, sometimes funny, always honest. That’s not the tagline, it’s just how these essays have turned out.

Book Review:
In a collection of 14 essays, this short read is packed with honesty, revelation and optimism. That never give up sort of optimism that so many of us forget in our grief or anger, or even that need for revenge.  Cleverly twining the essays into a cohesive unit with references to movies and music, each essay is lead off with a quote from various sources that all reference love.   Not random quotes, but each manages to hint to the tone of the essay simply by understanding the source.

One does not have to delve deeply into the multiple layers that are contained within this book, on their surface they provide readers with dissections of several views of love and its possibilities. From overworking, to lost, to understanding the need to find, search for and not settle: this is a journey that spans several years, revelations and even stages in life.  Something here for everyone, this book will have you contemplating your own encounters with love and leave you wanting more.

I have been reading Dee Dee Mozeleski’s blogs (in all their forms) for several years now, and am fortunate to call her friend.  Her writing is deceptively simple, look deeper and find the beauty of the metaphors she creates, the honest and often heart-wrenching moments she is able to share.  Smooth writing combines with a distinct voice and an overwhelming note of trying again, even with the darkest of moments. Whether devoured in a single setting, or read in sections when the mood strikes, you cannot go wrong with her work.

I received an advance copy of the eBook from author for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review; all conclusions are my own responsibility.

About the Author:

Dee Dee Mozeleski writes the blog Bubbles. Deux. from her Westchester, NY apartment. She used to let her daughter Akasha proof all of her work before she posted, but now she leaves that to Britney the Wonder Cat. No, Britney can’t read, but that doesn’t mean she can’t be a good proofreader. Cats need to make a living, too.

Known to her friends as that girl who runs really slow, she is hard at work on her first memoir, Doliski, while working full time for the best boss, ever, and training for the 2013 half marathon and triathlon season.

She’s a friend to the starving artist, a lover of all things chocolate and never without a Moleskin and a LePen because you never know when an idea will strike.

She’s written this in the third-person because she believes in following rules, however, she thinks it’s silly to refer to herself by her own name.

However, she is thankful to so many people and wants to offer a special note of appreciation to all of her friends who have let her emotionally crash on their couches. She is grateful to you because without you, there would be no her. And that’s no cliché, even though it is.

Follow at:  @bubblesdeux §  Bubbles. Deux  



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