Another busy day

And I don’t want anyone to feel left out.


To see the review for Royal Flush by Scott Bartlett
– a funny comedic story
Go Here:

And today is my last day hosting for Bottom Drawer Publishing’s Love Sucks…until it doesn’t hop.  And there are 2 more stops

There has been some question as to why I would split the 4 books for this tour in the way that I have.  Each day I presented one book that was a hetero relationship, and one book that was a M / M relationship.  My reasoning was simple – Love is love and deserves to be celebrated, enjoyed and written about in all of its forms.  You may be surprised as to the similarities we all share, when you open yourself to see another’s perspective.

VD The Gift 200x300

To read my review for The Gift by Elise Marion
(a return of Avery O’Dea and Dominic for those who are familiar)
Go Here

VD An Unexpected Party 200x300

And lastly, to read my review for
An Unexpected Party by Henrietta Clarke
Go Here




PLUS you will NOT want to miss the Interview with author Henrietta Clarke – and you can find that here


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