Indie Authors Rock Review: Background Noise by Peter DeMarco


Today I am pleased to present Background Noise by Peter DeMarco


Title: Background Noise
Author:  Peter DeMarco
Publisher: Pangea Books
Format: Paperback and eBook
Pages:  144
ISBN:  978-1938545139
Purchase Now:  Amazon  § Barnes & Noble
Stars:  4

About the Book:

Disaffected suburbanite Henry Walker is on a one-man mission to clean up his town. But is he a popular hero or an enemy of the people? BACKGROUND NOISE charts a young man’s descent from dreams of stardom to fantasies of revenge. As Henry immerses himself in his past, memories become guilt, guilt becomes obsession, until violence is the only logical response. In haunting, razor-sharp prose, Peter DeMarco startles the mind while touching the heart.

My Review:

Occasionally there are books that manage to worm their way into your head and leave you pondering, sometimes even expanding your understanding of issues that are common in the real world.  Peter DeMarco manages to do just that with this book, in a series of vignettes that trace the life of Henry.  In a style that is very reminiscent of the southern storyteller,  invoking a spare and often decidedly masculine voice, this glimpse into a life that is slowly sliding from ‘odd and alienated’ to unreservedly mentally ill and prone to violence.

While the vignettes are separate and distinct, there is an underlying commonness to the stories – a lack of solid caretakers or real interest all lead him to avoid ramifications for bad behaviors  while somewhere it comes to the reader that he knows he’s just incidental to the lives that seem to be so ‘perfect’.  When his limited self-control finally slips, the violence almost feels surreal, no one who knew him was believing him capable. Isn’t that all too typical after the multitude of catastrophic shootings we have seen in the past several years?

This is not a light and fluffy read, although it is gripping and beautifully crafted.  In a smoothly conversational style, DeMarco manages to lead you to make your own conclusions while guiding readers through a series of events, each capable of being the straw that broke the camel’s back. Disturbing in that it brings mental health and the unpredictability of a person’s capacity to withstand traumatic events into the forefront, it is a read that will leave you thinking and wanting to know more.

I received an eBook copy from the author for purpose of honest review for the Indie Authors Rock promotion at I am, Indeed. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.

About the Author:

Peter DeMarco teaches high school English and film in New York City. He was first published in The New York Times when he wrote about hanging out with his idol, writer Mickey Spillane. His short story “The Fireman” was nominated for a 2012 Pushcart Prize. Peter’s stories have appeared on-line in Prime Number Magazine, decomP, Bartleby Snopes, Jersey Devil Press, Red Lightbulbs, Monkeybicycle, SmokeLong Quarterly, Flashquake, Verbsap, Pindeldyboz, Hippocampus, and Dogzplot. Peter lives in New Jersey with his wife Charmaine, and two boys.



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