Indie Authors Rock Review: Hold Still Please by Tina Huerta

Today I am pleased to present a gorgeous (trust me) book of poetry with some truly lush and luscious photography as the backdrop.  Hold Still Please by Tina Huerta with photographs from Will Turner.


Title: Hold Still Please
Author: Tina Huerta
Photographer: Will Turner
Publisher: Igloo Press
Format:  Paperback
ISBN: 978-0978760823
Pages: 60
Genre: Poetry
Stars: 5
Purchase Now:  Amazon § Barnes & Noble

About the Book:  Poet Tina Huerta describes her love life in colorful detail in this luscious book of photographically illuminated poems.

Book Review:

Poetry. Yes, poetry.  It isn’t often that I get the opportunity to indulge in my love for poetry in a book review.  This collection Hold Still Please is a lushly produced and beautifully cohesive collection of poems that are highlighted and enhanced with beautifully artistic and sensual figure study photographs in close range, shot in black and white.

The poems that Tina Huerta has penned and placed in this book are evocative and intimate, deepest thoughts and personal revelations placed with lyrical care.  From early and tentative, to a woman coming into her own, through loss and gain, promises filled and those forgotten, it is a lovely journey of exploration: dissecting one element and focusing until settled then moving to the next.

Here is where the brilliance of the photos stands out – as each poem is focused on one key element, setting it to rest as it were, the photograph will, with careful posing, bring your eye to one single element as focus, and then it is on to the next.  It is a uniquely effective combination of the arts to the benefit of both forms.   A beautiful introduction to the author’s work, with poems that have the ability to speak to many people, in all phases of life,

I received a paper copy of the book from the author for purpose of honest review in the Indies Rock promotion at I am, Indeed. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility. 


About the Author: 

Award winning filmmaker Tina, aka Sureal, is primarily a Working and Creative Producer, 2nd Assistant Director, Writer, and Non-linear Offline-Editor. Some of the award winning film projects Tina had the privilege of contributing to are: BARRY JAMES – STRANGE SLUMBER – LOST HIGHWAY MUSIC VIDEO (2012), SO CLOSE TO PERFECT (2011), RITA OF THE SKY (2009), SILENT RED (2007), NOT 2B TOYED WITH (2006), DUDEVISION (2005), DOWNED POWER LINE, TEP (2005) and TUESDAY (2004).

Beginning in 1989, Tina has won numerous awards and honors in both poetry and playwriting. Her first collection of poetry has just been published by IGLOO Press, which includes photography by Cinematographer, Will Turner. Early on she discovered that her poetry submission to publication was receiving a 75% success rate, and decided not to submit due to “little remuneration.”

“Message and delivery mean everything to me. I want the audience to be touched, moved and inspired.” – tina

Find the author:

Website § Facebook § @surealtina § Google+ § LinkedIn § IMDB  §  YouTube



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