Indie Authors Rock Review: Dark Application One by Brian Krogstad

IndieButton_edited-1Today I am pleased to present a techno-thriller Dark Application:One  by Brian Krogstad

Dark App ONE - finalDark Application One
Brian Krogstad and Lindsey Waterman
Dark Application Series
ISBN:  978-1481229654
Format: Paperback / eBook / AudioBook
Purchase Now:  Amazon § Audible § Barnes & Noble
Stars:  4

About the Book:
Dark Application: ONE is the new technothriller fans are already comparing to the genre’s greats.  From the creative genius of the Pendergast books from Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child to the techno savvy of Michael Crichton; readers can’t get enough.  The fast pacing and tight plot control has some comparing it to the Bourne books from Robert Ludlum.

What is it about this novel that has fans already clamoring for the sequel? Perhaps it’s the plausibility of the technology, the conspiracy, and above all, the unlikely hero. At the center of this new technothriller is Luke Jeffers, a regular guy about to become extraordinary. A college student in Virginia, he finds himself caught up in a technological conspiracy beyond his understanding.  Almost overnight, he transforms from starving student to an unwitting pawn in a web of murder, lies, and conspiracy when he discovers the Department of Defense Application for Remote Kinetics, a simple application accidentally downloaded onto his smart phone and almost immediately in control of his life.

In a style reminiscent of the best technothrillers of the last three decades, Dark Application: ONE is filled with dark conspiracy, cyperpunk overtones, and above all a mystery at its core critical to Luke’s escape from the cycle of destruction.  Volume One of the new Dark Application technothriller series by  Brian Krogstad and Lindsey Waterman will leave you breathless and desperate for more, grateful that “Volume One” certainly means that more are coming 😉

Book Review:

Uniquely twisted and ever so relevant to the ‘always connected’ world of apps, internet and mobile phones, Krogstad has created a thought-provoking story that will stir the paranoid in every reader.  We are dropped into the middle of Luke’s story, and provided a bit of backstory as we see the genesis of the changes, and the insertion of the Dark Application.  Soon we are thrust into explosions and kidnappings, suicide and the overwhelming mystery of just what is behind all of these rapid-fire changes?

Incredibly well written, with characters that are easy to relate to, feel natural and have realistic conversations and interactions that never feel forced or overplayed.  Action scenes are lively, the story flows really well. It makes sense. It also will make you wonder about those thoughtless moments of “oh that looks interesting” downloads that we all do – and do not necessarily consider the ramifications or consequences of that choice.

At 100 pages, with a perfect stop point, this is a great introduction into a clever techno-thriller that leaves readers thinking about privacy, choices and those seemingly innocent choices we make daily in our social media interactions and with our devices.

I was provided an eBook copy from the author for purpose of honest review on the Indie Authors Rock promotion at I am, Indeed. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.

About the Author:

Brian Krogstad has had a successful and prolific career as a business development consultant, social media adviser, marketing consultant, and sales expert. Since early 2010, Krogstad has personally advised Criss Angel, the world famous celebrity magician, on aspects of business development, Internet broadcasting, social media, and creative marketing. Throughout his career, he has served as a consultant to various celebrities, publishers, producers, as well as multiple Fortune 500 companies.

Krogstad is bilingual, fluently speaking both English and Spanish. In the past he has lived abroad and worked professionally in Mexico. Krogstad continues to travel to Spain, Puerto Rico, Las Vegas, New York, and Hawaii multiple times throughout the year as a business consultant. He currently lives in California.

Traveling to various countries and discovering new cultures has inspired Krogstad’s unique and creative writing style. Essentially living on airplanes and in hotel rooms, he has ample time to research, author, and develop books and articles of his own to be released to the public upon completion.

Krogstad is putting his final touches on his recently released Dark Application Series, a mobile-technology themed series of science fiction, technothriller books. The first book in the series, The Dark Application: ONE, was released in December of 2012 and is currently being converted into a screenplay.

Follow Brian at:  Facebook §  @BrianKrogstad  § Website

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