Indie Authors Rock Review with Giveaway: Champion Zeon (Conspirator Saga #1) by M. Thomas Leigh


Today I am pleased to present Champion Zeon book 1 of the Conspirator Saga by
M. Thomas Leigh


Champion Zeon
M. Thomas Leigh
Conspirator Saga # 1
279 Pages
Stars:  4
Purchase Now:  Amazon

About the Book:
In the midst of a bitter and protracted war against demons, the novice champion Zeon is sent to the front to wield his order’s searing light against those who would crush and enslave what remains of humanity. Due to his harsh and secretive training, earning accolades is easy for Zeon, and all too soon he is sent to the heart of the demons’ continent to do the impossible. Instead, he does the unthinkable.

My Review:

In a clever mix up of a superhero/fantasy story – M.Thomas Leigh has made a completely readable and quite clever story that will please fans of many genres.   Zeon is a clever character, easy to relate to and quite plain spoken, a great difference from other epic fantasies that you will read.  Secondary characters also are developed with care, and there are realistic quirks and specific details that add to their detail.

The world is built with specific societal constructs that feel very natural, even the villains have chains of command, service workers, even upper class rulers: making the world tangible and easy for readers to visualize and understand.  Much more contemporary speech rhythms, patterns and even words chosen make the conversations and speech easy to follow and understand.

A fast-paced read, this was a great start to the series that many will enjoy.

I received an eBook copy from the author for purpose of honest review for the Indie Authors Rock promotion at I am, Indeed. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility. 

The Giveaway:

M. Thomas Leigh is offering you a chance to win one of two eBook copies of Champion Zeon: Conspirator Saga #1.  Use this Rafflecopter to enter before midnight (est) on 25 March.  Winner will be notified via email.

About the Author:
M. Thomas Leigh grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota and has worked as a software engineer for over ten years. He is married, with two children to date, and has worn through several laptops over the years by writing on the side. Champion Zeon is his first published novel and he intends to keep writing until they take his computer away.

Website § Facebook § @MThomasLeigh § Goodreads

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