Indie Authors Rock Review: Boundary Road by Gord Cummings


Today I am presenting Boundary Road  by Gord Cummings


Boundary Road
Gord Cummings
336 Pages
Paperback and eBook
ISBN:  978-0991758609
Stars:  4
Purchase Now:  Amazon § Barnes & Noble

About the Book:
Boundary Road is the experience of an isolated youth growing up on the prairie. Jeremy medicates himself with fruitless friendships, juvenile pursuits, and alcohol in order to pacify his desire to escape the “space”. However, he enters the close care of his social studies teacher who teaches him more than simple culture. What appears to be overstepping by Ms Hammond, ends up helping a lost boy to learn care, love, sex, respect and critical thinking.

Book Review:

In an interestingly crafted story that touches upon several rather uncomfortable situations, Gord Cummings offers the reader an insight into the mind of a boy/man with blunt, often graphic language and a character in the midst of major change and growth.  While speaking to the isolation and near unreasonable reactions to everything that surrounds him, Jeremy is really not all that different from any other teenager in the cosmic sense.  Growing up is hard, and this book opens up a myriad of options and thoughts that kids face, some not with someone to step in and provide guidance.  Although the teacher student relationship was crossing several boundaries for me personally, putting those issues aside and reading the story as it is presented does provide an interesting perspective on the potential positive effects of these relationships, believable in the context of this story at least.

Cummings has an interesting voice, with an ability to tackle weighty subjects and present perspectives that will differ from the readers, and often would never occur without the story.  While it’s a read that won’t be for everyone, it most certainly is a read that will provoke thought, and well worth the time invested.

I received an eBook copy from the author for purpose of honest review for the Indie Authors Rock promotion at I am, Indeed.  I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility. 

About the Author:
Gord Cummings is best known for his work in independent comic books, specifically his Mercy Seat series published under the Vicious Ambitious label. Gord has been published in a number of comic book anthologies across North America as well as in trade publications. Gord is a social worker living in Calgary, Alberta with the smartest people he knows. Boundary Road is his first novel.


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