Indie Authors Rock Review: The Boudicca Parchments, A Daniel Klein Adventure #2, by Adam Palmer


The Boudicca Parchments
Adam Palmer
A Daniel Klein Adventure #2
Alternate History
Stars:  3
Purchase Now:  Amazon §  Amazon UK 

About the Book:

A nocturnal intruder at an archaeological dig site in England finds a parchment written in Hebrew script. Thousands of miles away, Semitic language expert Daniel Klein receives a blurred image on his mobile phone. But when he meets with the sender, he realizes that he has walked into an ambush.

Accused of murder, Daniel finds himself on the run, pursued by a ruthless ultra-orthodox Jewish sect that is determined to silence him. Aided by a Cambridge Professor of Archaeology and a beautiful Mossad officer, Sarit Shalev (who despite her Israeli name is of Irish origin), Daniel follows a trail of clues that takes him from London to Rome to Jerusalem, in a quest for the link between two of the Roman empire’s most troublesome opponents: the ancient Britons and the Judeans.

But who are these ultra-orthodox Jews trying to stop him? And why are they being helped by a glamorous, antisemitic former fashion model, who seems to have jumped into bed with her ideological opponents? Could it be that what Daniel has stumbled upon is equally threatening to both sides? Or is it simply that venal motives have created strange bedfellows?

With the predators closing in on Daniel from all sides, he must keep his wits about him, as danger lurks in every corner – and it isn’t clear who he can trust.


Book Review: 

This book was a complete mixed bag for me, for several reasons.  The history and the premise were incredibly interesting: the research was quite detailed and thorough.  However, several errors in grammar, punctuation, improper word use and an over-use of recaps throughout the story both distracted from the plot and slowed the pacing.

The inclusion of the background history necessary to the story did bring a feel of a Dan Brown-style story, the man on the run story was intriguing, being hunted as he searches for clues to both clear his reputation and solve an ancient mystery had potential.  Sadly, the presentation of information necessary to the reader either came in large doses that felt more like a lecture, or were presented in an after-the-event matter of fact way that just didn’t aid the storytelling.

There are specific and particular benefits that all authors gain from cultivating a large and diverse group of beta readers, and in hiring copy editors.  Both groups should have been utilized to take this story, in what I feel is rough form, and make it wonderful.  Sadly, while I believe and feel that great pains were taken in researching, composing and creating the adventure, those positive points were offset by the unfinished feel to the whole book.

I received an eBook copy from the author for purpose of honest review for the Indies Rock promotion at I am, Indeed. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions were my own responsibility.



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