Review with Giveaway: Wombat Sushi by Rhonda Louise


Title:  Wombat Sushi
Author:  Rhonda Louise
Format:  Paperback and eBook
Publisher:  Self Published
Pages:  270
ISBN:   978-1466397316
Source: Author
Genre: Humor / Fiction
Purchase Now:  Amazon  § Barnes & Noble
Stars:  4

About the Book: 
How to make Wombat Sushi:
1. Take six Australian dancers and one singer who can’t seem to get along.
2. Add a pinch of stupidity, a dash of naïvety and loads and loads of alcohol.
3. Make sure the mixture contains absolutely no self-restraint.
4. Pour into a Japanese club and simmer for three months.
Caution: Definitely contains nuts!

My Review:

short-legged, muscular marsupials, native to Australia, approximately 1 metre in length, with short, stubby tails.
WOMBAT: Waste of Money, Brains and Time
Wombat: A person of unsurpassed random humor, extreme satire and wittiness with a marked and unparalleled aptitude for commentary that usually follows extreme alcohol consumption.

Why three definitions? All three can be referential to the story and title. The young women in this book are all Australian, most never having left the country before. There are several who fit the second definition, and the last definition is a spot on reference to the narrator / character of Sam, whose point of view, voice and narration skills lead the reader through this romp in northern Japan.

The women / girls who make up the troupe are a motley combination of attitudes, dance training and personalities. Managed by an equally odd combination of highly camp choreographer and his overbearing mother as the agent / boss a three month odyssey in northern Japan commences.

This was a book that had me laughing repeatedly, with characters that run the gamut from Cinderella-like to downright distasteful, each character brought to life through Sam’s description and even more clever interior voicing of ‘alternate events’. While the women spend more time drinking and battling with each other and the management of the resort they are performing for, the story does manage to read with a sense of reality and plausibility for others in the situation, if a little extreme in their various calamities. Readers who are not familiar with Australian slang will be able to easily understand many of the references as they are often explained in the context of use: where accents are described, simply channel Steve Irwin’s delivery and over the top flattened voiwels.

While there are a few typos and grammatical errors noticeable, they do not detract from the overall story flow and the entertainment far than overshadows those issues. In short – if you want to know what a group of seven twenty-something’s get up to during their time in japan when the motto “what happens in Japan stays in Japan” is put to the test – this will fill that desire and keep you laughing all afternoon.

I received an eBook copy from the author for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.

Giveaway: You can enter to win one of two eBook copies of Wombat Sushi by Rhonda Louise. Simply enter this rafflecopter and follow the steps. Drawing is open internationally, and entries close at midnight on 17 May (est). Winners will be notified via email.

About the Author:

I am:
– a mummy
– a Lawyer
– a Buddhist
– an Australian
– a wife
– a vegetarian
– a coffee-snob
– a procrastinator
– a cheese lover
– a bit shy
– a Writer

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One thought on “Review with Giveaway: Wombat Sushi by Rhonda Louise

  1. I’m always game for a book that brings on the laughter and this one looks like it delivers the goods. Looking forward to checking it out. Best of luck, Rhonda and thank you I Am Indeed for the tip!

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