New Release Review: Green Eyes and Good Hair by Hugh O. Smith


Title: Green Eyes and Good Hair
Author: Hugh O. Smith
Format: eBook
Publisher: Trois Coccinelles Publishing
Pages: 160
ISBN: 978-1-62776-611-1
Source: Author
Genre: African American Romance
Stars:  5
Purchase Now: Amazon Kindle

About the Book:
Tony is young successful and used to getting his way. When he meets Olivia, he doesn’t see her beauty or curves, he sees a way of enhancing his career. After all, she’s only a big girl, no match for him, he’ll work it out…

Olivia is intrigued when she meets Tony, he’s a pretty boy and pretty boys are her weakness. Still she knows what he’s all about, he’s not her first playboy and certainly won’t be her last. She knows his game, and sees him for what he is. He’s only a playboy, she’ll work it out…

Book Review:

This is a short novel that completely involves the reader: we all know an Olivia, and we all know a Tony. What Smith has so cleverly done in this story is allow the two to interact in a way that shines a light on their strengths and weaknesses, and provides them room for growth individually and together.

Tony is handsome, the pretty boy who knows he is, and never lacks for a woman’s company in bed. Essentially insecure with a patina of bravado and the morality of a tomcat, he sees no reason for change or growth.

Olivia is a pretty, full figured woman: intelligent, driven and confident in her own skin, she likes the ‘look’ of Tony at their first encounter, and she is bent on getting what she wants. From their first encounter, her every action, approach and reaction to Tony’s ‘rico suave’ demeanor has Tony reeling and unexpectedly unsure of himself.

From the first encounter to the last, you will experience the emotional turmoil in both characters through their own point of view: clearly seeing the defensive reactions driven by personal insecurities and history, until they are willing to take a chance.

With characters that you can find in your own circle of acquaintances, no matter their culture or color, honest if graphic language, and steamy hot sex; this is a story that will leave you smiling and contemplating channelling a bit of Olivia’s confidence and self-assurance as you wander through your days.

I first read the early peek of this book on Hugh’s Full Figured Blog, and was thrilled to be offered a copy of the book for honest review by the author. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.
About the Author:

Originally from Jamaica, Hugh credits his Jamaican upbringing and its rich storytelling tradition for his writing inspiration. You may also read more of Hugh’s work at
Full Figured Blog or contact him at He is hard at work on a book of short stories titled Full Figured. Hugh lives with his family in New Jersey.


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