Review: Elements of Darkness: Twist’s Tales # 4, by Michael Twist

In another appearance for this author here at I am, Indeed – I am pleased to present



Title: Elements of Darkness
Author: Michael Twist
Format: eBook
Publisher:  Self-Published
Pages: 157
ISBN: 978-0988534452
Source: Author
Genre: Short Story Collection
Series: Twist’s Tales, Volume 4
Best Read in Order: Not Necessary
Stars:  5
Purchase Now: Amazon 

About the Book:
Fifteen tales of psychological terror demonstrating mankind’s darker side. Greed, revenge, malice and antipathy weave their way through these stories that more often than not end with a twist and occasionally feature language and violence unseen in previous volumes of Twist’s Tales.

My Review:
The offer for this collection of short stories was made with the understanding that I may not be able to complete – I’m a huge visually imaginative reader and just do not deal well with horror / dark titles.  And frankly, I am more than okay with that.  But, I do love this man’s writing, his short stories are sublime, so it was more than worth the effort.

Again, Twist has managed to craft stories for this collection that are impeccably crafted, bringing tension and plot into a neatly formulated idea, and then spun off into an ending that is often wholly unexpected, and is always thought provoking.  Deliciously deviant, these tales all deal with the darker elements of the human psyche: greed, cruelty, dishonesty and revenge  Each story is unique unto itself, but combines to provide readers with a sense of futility: the resolutions are not neat and clearly defined, there really isn’t a clear reward for the bad behavior.

These are stories that clearly show the depths to which a human being can sink, and provide with clear example, the futility of those darker impulses.  Another winner in this series of short stories, Michael Twist has further cemented his place in my list of authors to recommend to readers and authors of short stories.

I received an eBook from the author for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.

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About the Author:   After eighteen years of teaching literature Michael Twist decided to try his hand at writing some of his own. Always fascinated by human nature, Michael’s stories often focus on the decisions people make and the internal conflicts they experience in doing so.

Michael’s short story Ties That Bind won the 2011 William Faulkner Riverfest Literary Competition. His short story Americans Do Love Their Cars won the 2011 Quid Novi Festival Writing Contest. Also in 2011, Michael placed second in the Writers’ Journal, Write to Win Contest with his short story Nearly Perfect. In 2012 Michael placed two stories (Tea in Chesapeake and Dear John) in the finals of the Thomas Wolfe Fiction Prize sponsored by the North Carolina Writers’ Network as well as making the finals in the Press 53 Open Awards Competition with his short story Out on a Limb. His micro-fiction has been short-listed numerous times in the Flash 500 competitions.

Find Michael at  Website § Facebook §  Amazon Author Page


17 thoughts on “Review: Elements of Darkness: Twist’s Tales # 4, by Michael Twist

    • My introduction to his work was with a series of “twisted’ slightly paranormal tales – and he has me hooked! I love short stories – and when they are this well written – I can’t ignore them

  1. I love discovering new authors! Going by your review I’m sure I will enjoy his work, I love these kind of stories.
    Thank you for putting him on my radar.

  2. I love discovering new authors! Going by your review I’m sure I will enjoy his work, I love these kind of stories.
    Thanks for putting him on my radar.

  3. fantastic review, thanks for sharing this one. I like slightly darker tales and these short stories sound well done!

  4. huh, this sounds very interesting! Deliciously deviant, you really can’t go wrong with that. Admittedly, short story collections can be a hard sell with me, but this collection definitely sounds like its worth taking a look at. Thanks!

    • LOL – I don’t get why people don’t like shorts… Sometimes I just want to retreat for a quick moment.. and these fit that bill perfectly

  5. I appreciate the interest you have all shown. I really enjoyed writing this batch of tales for a number of reasons, not the least of which includes getting the stories and characters out of my head. I have often debated on whether or not to include a blurb, telling readers where the idea or inspiration came from regarding each story. I have never done it (I was the kid who sat in the back), preferring the work to stand on its own, but if readers ever have questions, I am more than happy to respond to an email.
    p.s. Thank you, Gaele, for providing the incredible support you give to indie writers. I marvel at your multitude of skills and organizational abilities.

  6. Oooo I’m with Liz. Deliciously deviant sounds really good to me! I love darker reads mixed in with my fun light hearted ones. Thanks for the heads up!


    • Oh Anna – there are several – the first story – I had to read again – right off – because I was SURE I missed something…. but, I didn’t. It was a marvelous start to the collection

  7. Great review! It’s always fun to delve into something a bit darker occasionally, and it looks like this was worth the risk!! It’s definitely on my radar! Thanks for sharing!

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