It’s Weird to Grow A Beard by Neal Fox – with giveaway


Title: It’s Weird to Grow a Beard
Author: Neal Fox
Illustrator: Neal Fox
Format: Paperback and eBook
Publisher: Self-Published
Pages: 60
ISBN: 978-1481890458
Source: Author
Genre: Children’s Poetry 3 – 8
Stars: 5
Purchase Now: Paperback eBook

About the Book:

There once was a nose with exceptional gift. He could tell you the color of things that he whiffed.
He’d stick up his nostrils high in the air, and call off the colors of your shoes and your hair…

Then—the Nose who knows everything got a surprise! In Nelly Shmagessen’s delicatassen the sandwiches reach a mile high. Best friends Ickey and Gooey really stick together. Stan the Man makes houses out of gravy. A mutt in a rut gets help from a friend. And, a curious cat learns when to keep his mouth shut A curious cat learns to keep his mouth shut. And, the Nose who knows everything gets a surprise.

These are some of the hard-to-resist characters from award-winning composer, filmmaker, author and artist, Neal Fox. Curl up with this book and the world will be a cozy place where you can be yourself.

Book Review:

These were some very short, very clever poems: easy to read, understand and learn from. With a unique rhythmic flow to each little poem, they fly off the tongue and easy for early readers.

Fox has illustrated these poems with clever little drawings that are both colorful and pleasing – there is something here for everyone.

I received a copy of the book from the author for purpose of honest review and inclusion in Children Read week at I am, Indeed. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.

This is one of the many giveaway and discounted opportunities.  Use this rafflecopter …. one US winner will receive a paper copy of the book, and international entrants can enter to win an eBook copy of the book.  Drawing ends at 23.59 EST on 10 June.  Winner will be notified by email.

About the Author:

Neal Fox is an award-winning composer and filmmaker with an extensive history in the music business. Signed as an artist to Polydor, RCA and Columbia Records, he had two charted singles and a Top Ten Dance Club Hit. Billboard called him, “a rueful Randy Newman eccentric…equally at home in blues, rock, pop and jazz motifs,” and Music Connection said he has “the ability to conjure virtually any style of recording in the pop music realm.”

A former partner in Patterson, Walz & Fox Music Productions, Fox wrote and produced music for hundreds of commercials. He has also written for film, i.e., the Killer Tomato movies, and TV (from CBS to VH-1), receiving Clio, Addy and Telly awards for his work.

In the early 90s, he co-created a series of multi-cultural children’s books with his wife, Naomi. She wrote the stories; he illustrated the books and composed the scores, and actor Robert Guillaume did the narration. Marketed under the Confetti Company name, the books inspired HBO’s Happy Ever After: Fairy Tales for Every Child.

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One thought on “It’s Weird to Grow A Beard by Neal Fox – with giveaway

  1. Hi Gaele,

    Thank you so much for reviewing Neal’s book! He’ll be creating a page on his site so we can post the blogs of all the generous people who take the time to help others promote their creations. Here’s to all of the writers, musicians, and artists—and all the supporters. You are all appreciated!

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