Review: Daisy Cooper and the Sisters of the Black Night by Robert Dee


I am going to take a moment to gush a bit about this book.  Geared to children 11 and older, I literally could not put it down.  Daisy is an incredibly strong and smart heroine, and has a cast of supporting characters / friends that are just as clever and interesting.  For parents who are searching for positive role model reads for their girls, this book has it in spades.


Title:  Daisy Cooper and the Sisters of the Black Night
Author:  Robert Dee
Format:  Paperback and eBook
Publisher:  Self-Published
Pages:  290
ISBN: 978-1480255524
Genre: Children’s Adventure 11+
Series: Daisy Cooper: International Schoolgirl Vol. One
Best Read in Order: N / A
Stars:  5
Purchase Now:  Amazon US § Amazon UK

About the book: 

When you’re twelve years old and want to travel the world as a reporter for International Schoolgirl magazine you’d better be able to prove you can find a good story at home first. Budding reporter Daisy Cooper finds the perfect school when she wins a place at the brilliant but eccentric Darlington School for Girls. With maths classes that involve poker games, science lectures where pupils fire rockets and biology lessons that take place in a real zoo it is everything she could have wished for. The school is also home to International Schoolgirl, a magazine that sends specially chosen pupils – International Schoolgirls – on adventures across the globe in search of groundbreaking stories.

To travel the world as a reporter is something Daisy has always wanted and she dreams of being chosen. Daisy begins an adventure closer to home, however, when she gets lost in the school maze one evening and stumbles across the mysterious Sisters of the Black Night – a hooded secret society that meets under the cover of darkness. Convinced The Sisters are up to no good Daisy enlists the help of her dorm mates – the 88ers – to get to the bottom of the mystery. It’s an adventure that takes her through ancient pirate diaries, shark infested tunnels, perilous sword fights and on motorcycle chases through the stormy English countryside. When Daisy finally discovers The Sisters’ dark secret she has to make the most difficult choice of her life: having the job she always dreamed of, or doing what’s right.

Book Review:

I hoped that this would be a cleverly plotted story: it far exceeded the promise of the book description, and was a book that I read in one sitting, staying up far later than I normally do because I could not put it down.  As someone who is constantly looking to find strong female protagonists in the books I review for Children and YA, Daisy was a uniquely drawn and developed pre-teen who completely stole my heart in the first chapters and never let go.

Penned by UK author Robert Dee, he has managed to find the voice of a young girl, and recognize that adventures and danger are not just for boys.  Here too along with core values to live by, Dee manages to incorporate the value of friends, giving free hand to introduce a group of girls that soon become fast friends, despite their myriad of differences.

The multiple elements all manage to weave into a smoothly plotted story that leads from one new discovery to the next until the final breath-taking moments.  I don’t know who else could have found use for a seriously depressive lion, stolen sharks in the sewer drains and swordfights, but Robert Dee found a way!

One item of note: this book is written for the UK market, the spelling / use is not changed for a US reader.  While the spelling will be different, and there are some slang terms that will feel unfamiliar, any student in Grade 6 or 7 will be right at home in this story!

I received an eBook copy from the author for purpose of honest review as part of the Indie Authors Rock promotion at I am, Indeed.  I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility. 

About the Author: 

Robert Dee is an author based in Brighton, England. He has been writing fiction since the age of nine when a story he wrote about a werewolf buried in his back garden impressed his (easily impressed) classmates. Before Daisy Cooper he wrote mostly mature fiction – stories, novels, screenplays – and spent a short time in journalism. Daisy Cooper and the Sisters of the Black Night is the first in the Daisy Cooper: International Schoolgirl series which is is a planned eight book series. He likes to see the books as family fiction as opposed to juvenile fiction and hopes that they appeal to readers regardless of age or gender, something Daisy would approve of.


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