The Adventures of Jocker & Bivy: Saving Upworld by T.J. Hawk



Title:  The Adventures of Jocker & Bivy: Saving Upworld 
Author: T.J. Hawk
Illustrator: Derek Bacon
Format:  Paperback and eBook
Publisher:  Self Published
Pages:  78
ISBN:  978-1482600872
Source:  Purchased with Intent
Genre:  Childrens Fiction, Animals, Ages 4 – 8
Series:  The Adventures of Jocker & Bivy # 1
Best Read in Order: yes
Stars:  4
Purchase Now:  Paperback  §  eBook

About the Book:

Jocker and Bivy are ordinary cardinals, hoping to learn how to fly. They love playing in the nest with their parents. But when the siblings learn that their home is in danger from an army of ants, they must take action. Finally, with the help of new friends they meet along the way, Jocker and Bivy embark on a quest: Saving Upworld!

Book Review:

A clever and imaginative character perspective compliments the storytelling and introduces readers to Jocker and Bivy: two young and adventurous cardinals. When they have decided to save their home by eliminating the carpenter ant queen, they meet several different creatures, and must learn to reason, befriend and persevere to complete their task.

While there are some scary moments, there is nothing that isn’t quickly and happily resolved for the main characters, so sleepless nights aren’t an issue. Additionally – both of the books in the series that I have read are simple to read – perfect for new ‘chapter readers’. It was a clever little story, showing the importance of making friends, being brave and standing with your friends and family.

I purchased this eBook with specific intention of using during the Children Read week at I am Indeed. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.





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