Dream Robbers by RC Scott – with Giveaway !


Title: Dream Robbers
Author: RC Scott
Format: eBook
Publisher: Omega Star Publishing
Pages: 183
Source: Author
Genre: Children Fantasy Adventure
Series: Nature Elves Book 1
Best Read in Order: yes
Stars: 4
Purchase Now: Amazon

About the Book:

Greedy thieves have stolen the children’s dreams! And not just any dreams, mind you, but the Dreams of who they are to become. With this loss, children everywhere are becoming cross and more misbehaved by the day. They are driving their parents mad.

Only the rarest of Elves can do anything about it. These small, scarcely seen Nature Elves in their remote Gypsy Village are hidden from the rest of the world. But the greedy Dream Robbers found them before committing the foul deed. Tricking and enspelling the adult Elves, the thieves sent them off to seek a false magic.

Left alone in their Village, it’s up to twelve, brave, Elf children to undertake a long and hazardous journey and try to get their Dreams back. They must hurry though. The seeds within every child on Earth, the seeds these special Dreams nourish, are hardening. And, alas, hardened seeds can never sprout.

If these young Elves stick together, they may have a chance, for they are not ordinary children. Within them, Nature’s awesome powers bud: Thunder, Lightning, Rain, Snow and Fire.

Book Review:

This book has an intriguing premise, great ideas and even creatures that are named with an eye to how they look and behave: a wild boar-like creature called a Hogznort. With twelve elves, all possessing special powers to manipulate the natural world, a fantastical world, and jumping right into the action – this is not a book for the faint of heart. BUT, if you are patient, you will be rewarded with an engaging adventure: where elves feel more like the children in your class, full of their own personalities but still ‘developing’.

There are some issues with the writing: an overuse of the comma is distracting to the flow of the reading, and is particularly frustrating when one would hope a children’s book would be grammatically polished and correct. I’m no grammar nazi, and often miss the infrequent mistakes: when it reaches the level that it distracts me repeatedly – that is disturbing and could have been sorted by a good editor. Delving right into the adventure with only a short introduction can be difficult to follow. The quick introduction to the elves, twelve in all that form this little band, is overwhelming at first, but their names and their personalities start to become evident and it does get less muddled in your head. That being said – kids (I’ve started to read it to a little group of kiddos here in the complex) LOVE the story…once they understand it’s an adventure with magic.

So – what we have here is a really clever book with wonderful ideas and imagery – with a few issues. I will say that NONE of the kids I showed the cover art to were in the least interested – and that is something to consider. But, since cover art is also, like a book, wholly subjective I cannot and did not allow the lack of interest generated by the cover influence my review. Will this keep your kids engaged? Most definitely. It will stretch their comprehension and memory as well with the 12 important characters. It is well worth the time invested to read and has some very unique and clever characters.

I received an eBook from the author for purpose of honest review and inclusion in the Children Read week at I am, Indeed. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.

So – you can enter here to win your own eBook Copy of Dream Robbers – just use this

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About the Author:

RC Scott is a parent, teacher, long-time meditator, Adult Sci-fi author, closet multi-instrumentalist/composer, college grad (BA psychology, cum laude), and world traveler, trying with the Nature Elves series to encourage kids’ desire to read. And with the adventures of the Eagle Riders, hopefully inspire the kids to become the most wonderful people they can become.


You can see more about the author at  Kids Puppet Shows or at @jotoons


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