Pixie Courage, The Pixie Series by Joy Findlay


Title: Pixie Courage
Author: Joy Findlay
Format: eBook
Publisher: Findlay Books
Pages: 32
Source: Author
Genre: Children’s 3 – 6
Series: The Pixie Series #1
Best Read in Order: Not Required
Stars: 5
Purchase Now: Amazon

About the Book:

Pixie Girl has no name. As she travels to find the Queen, she meets an unlikely character who offers to give her a name of his own. She must keep going, braving the dark night, following the stars until, come morning, she finds herself in a beautiful garden. Read this gorgeous story to find out if she finds the Queen and receives a name of her own.

A read-out-loud must for toddlers, pre-schoolers and older kids alike, ‘Pixie Courage’ is wonderfully written and beautifully illustrated.

Book Review:

Written in sing-song rhyme, this is a story that your child will want to hear (and see) often. Easy to follow rhythms introduce the concepts of determination and courage, as Pixie Girl travels to the queen to find her name.

Pixie Girl is cute and friendly, the phrasing is both age-appropriate for younger children and easily followed/read for those children who are learning to read for themselves. Findlay has written a little book that is perfect for bedtime read-together moments.

I received an eBook as part of a giveaway for a children’s book blog hop. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.

About the Author:

“As a fulltime mother of two gorgeous pre-schoolers, a career in Television and Video Production was no longer an option. Having taught the basics of the Moving Image, it was just a matter of transitioning those same skills over to a static medium that was creative and flexible enough to work from home.”

Kiki (3) and Zoozoo (4) provide the inspiration and direction for most of the children’s eBooks created under Findlay Books. Their thirst for learning and adventure never ceases to amaze me.
So now, I write and illustrate a line of children’s eBooks especially for my two squidlettes. In the hopes that others actually like them too and would like to let me know, we have set up a website  and are at facebook for you to visit. “

Joy Findlay lives in beautiful New Zealand with her husband, her two children and their rescue cat


2 thoughts on “Pixie Courage, The Pixie Series by Joy Findlay

  1. Thanks for the wonderful review Gaele! If anyone wants a free copy of this ebook “Pixie Courage” for their Kindle, please leave a message with Gaele and we’ll get it sent off to you! 🙂 ~Joy Findlay

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