Bad Boys Of Romance Hop – with a Giveaway

Oh you know you love them. Those “bad boys” of romance. And now we’re celebrating them and all their naughty deliciousness.  Which “bad boy” revs your motor? Is he a hero? Villain? A secondary character?Show those boys off June 7th-June 17th in the “Bad Boys” of Romance Giveaway Hop hosted by
herding cats & burning soupRantings of a Reading Addict and author Blue Remy!

I think everyone has an ‘image’ and an ‘era’ of their bad boy…

First you have the bad boy with the bad habits

bad habitSO sexy – but SO bad for you ….

Then, you have the ‘poseur’ bad boy – so pretty they hurt

so good he's badAnd you just KNOW that he’s going to be a heartbreaker.. but it is soooo good !

Lastly – there are those boys who hold the mystique of the “Bad Boy” forever more ….

mystique of badTheir image and reputation of being bad boys holds far after their death….

Ultimately – for me, I grew up.  Not wanting those ‘bad boys’ to the world – only one who would be, with and for me, a little bad… privately.    I don’t need the world to see that I’m enamored of those bad boys …. I can read about them all the time ….

And you can too – see if you just go along on the hop stops – and use the linky list – you will have all sorts of bad boy flavors to choose from

And here – I am giving away the complete set, in kindle format  of Marie Hall’s Kingdom Collection – that is all 5 Volumes (all of which I have reviewed).  These are the Bad Boys of the Fairytale stories …. the bad boys who are ‘misunderstood’….
Book 1:  Her Mad Hatter
Book 2:  Gerard’s Beauty 
Book 3:  Red and Her Wolf 
Book 4:  Jinni’s Wish
Book 5: Hook’s Pan 

How do you enter?  It’s really simple.  Use this rafflecopter and you are entered to win.  Of course, it would be really wonderful if you would take a moment and follow this blog – you can follow by email, BlogLovin, Twitter, on Facebook or even via Networked blogs.  Nearly every day I have new book reviews and information, giveaways and suggestions to help you fill those long summer hours with a good read.


You didn’t come here JUST for this little giveaway – you are Hopping with the Bad Boys….

So – HERE is where you enter the BIG Bad Rafflecopter for the Bad Boys hop ….
a Rafflecopter giveaway
Then – BE SURE to go check out the other stops on the tour… here’s your list

Bad Boys of Romance Hop List

Or look here ~  Happy Hopping !

1. herding cats & burning soup (INT) 2. Blue Remy
3. Rantings from a Reading Addict 4. Rookie Romance (INT)
5. Books Books and More Books (INT) 6. Demons do it Better
7. Read Your Writes Book Reviews 8. Shayna Renee’s Spicy Reads
9. Mimmi’s Musings 10. Lucy Felthouse
11. Book Lovin’ Mamas (US) 12. Paranormal & Urban Fantasy Reviews
13. Laura Kaye (INT) 14. Romancing Rakes For The Love of Romance (INT)
15. Riverina Romantics 16. Literal Hotties Naughty Book Reviews
17. Malia Mallory (INT) 18. Victoria Danann
19. Suddenly *Not So* Single Journey 20. Romance Book Club (US)
21. Bookswagger 22. Aubrey Rose
23. Paranormal Romance Author Rose Wynters 24. Tabitha Conall
25. Amanda “Where the Night Kind Roam” 26. Eden Connor
27. Clara Bayard 28. Nancy Gideon
29. Avalon 30. Caffeinated Book Reviewer (INT)
31. Bad Boys of Romance Hop : Meet the Boys from Kingdom! 32. Fictional Candy (INT)
33. Adria’s Romance Reviews 34. Another Look Book Reviews (CAD & US)
35. Stories and Swag 36. Jill Prand
37. Shhh, Mommy’s in the Bathroom.,.Reading 38. Diane Thorne – Erotic Romance Author (US/CAN)
39. Naomi Bellina Adventurous Erotic Romance (INT) 40. Misa Buckley (INT)
41. Susan Arden 42. [Insert Clever Quip Here]
43. Normandie Alleman 44. Sheri Fredricks, Modern Mythic Romance (US)
45. Romance with a Bite (CAN) 46. Carrie Lane
47. Urban Girl Reader (INT) 48. Tory Richards
49. FOR THE LOVE OF READING (INT) 50. Salacious Reads
51. Felicity Heaton PNR Author (INT) 52. Justus Roux
53. Penny Alley (US) 54. Mary @Sweeping Me (Int)
55. Bad Boys of Romance Blog Hop 56. Close Encounters Of the Night Kind
57. E.B Walters Weblog 58. Share My Destiny (INT)
59. Read for your future 60. Everyday Shopaholic
61. cupcake’s book cupboard 62. Judy @ Musings and Ramblings (INT)
63. Elisabeth Staab 64. Jan Graham – Author
65. A.R. Von DreamZ of Dragons (INT) 66. Crystal’s Many Reviews
67. Susan Wicked Writing 68. Buku-Buku Didi (INT)
69. Natasha Blackthorne (US) 70. Jess Dee (INT)
71. Under the Covers (INT) 72. R. Lee Smith
73. Natalie-Nicole Bates (INT) 74. Christine Murphy – Sphinx Warriors Series (US)
75. Barbara @ Basia’s Bookshelf (INT) 76. BookHounds (INT)
77. BookHounds YA (Int) 78. Dianne Duvall, Paranormal Romance Author (INT)
79. Twisting Minds One Word at a Time (INT) 80. Bibliophile Mystery (INT)
81. Jess Buffett (INT) 82. Passionat Encounters
83. Lisa Carlisle 84. Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews
85. I am, Indeed (US) 86. Buffy’s Ramblings
87. RomFan Recuews 88. This is not your mother’s romance(INT)
89. Sarah M?kel? 90. Celebrate Bad Boys with All Romance
91. Sharon Kleve’s Romantic Ramblings 92. Anne Lange (CAN/US)

53 thoughts on “Bad Boys Of Romance Hop – with a Giveaway

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  2. HI
    I have fallen head over hills for them bad boys and want to read their stories!

    Thanks so much for the give away!!

    Crossing my fingers that I can have them bad boys soon ^^

    • >.> and my fav Bad boy is MAD HATTER ^^ sorry for got to post it head was in though of bad boys grrr yummy moments!!

  3. Hi! I entered, thank you for the giveaway. I think this is my favorite blog hop yet, I’m learning about all kinds of new bad boys

  4. I love bad boys from fairy tales, nothing like a paranormal twist to make a bad boy a little badder!

  5. Death from Kalayna Price’s Alez Craft series!

    Thanks for the amazing giveaway!
    elizabeth @ bookattict . com

  6. I love the anti-hero, and so far, I’ve not found better examples than Lelouch from Code Geass and Light Yagami from Death Note (both animes). They are bad boys you really, really wish you could side with, but at the same time, you know their methods are completely wrong.

    Anyway, thanks so much for the giveaway 🙂

  7. Mmmm… bad boys. Excuse me while I salivate. To pick just one bad boy is so very hard, but I will try! I enjoy Christian Grey (who wouldn’t? Am I right, ladies?). His compulsive need to control is scary and hot all at the same time. Another bad boy who has me slobbering all over myself is Travis from “Beautiful Disaster!” A man who makes a living by punching the shit out of another man!?!?! Hold me back! Thanks for the giveaway! It’s always a pleasure for me to participate in these, especially when the topic is so utterly delicious.

    mestith at gmail dot com

    • I didn’t make it past a few pages of FSOG – nor have I read Beautiful Disaster… I may check that one out.
      They are fun…
      good luck

  8. Bad boys are just so delicious, my fave is Acheron from the Dark Hunter series. Just love him to pieces. I’ve entered the drawing, thank you very much for participating and for a chance to win.

  9. OMG!!! THANK – YOU for this great giveaway!!! Bad boys are far too numerous to have a favorite one, BUT there can NEVER be too, too many?! 🙂 ❤ reading about them!!! 🙂 THANK – YOU VERY MUCH!!!! 🙂

  10. It’s exciting to read about bad boys, especially from fairy tales! I love that the dark, brooding types get their chance at a happily ever after too. N when they find their other half, that devotion they show just makes me swoon. Thanks for this giveaway contest! 🙂

  11. I am going to faint after I click the “I commented” button. LOL

    I love this giveaway and I just love bad boys… especially the jaded ones, shaped by their disastrous past, who are so mean and… and so hard to reach. :3

    But of course there are those disturbed smiling ones who hide their true twisted self behind a charming smile and cheerful countenance.

    🙂 I am now ready to faint. 😀

  12. The majority of my bad boys come from anime/manga. I love the anti-hero, and so far, I’ve not found better examples than Lelouch from Code Geass and Light Yagami from Death Note. They are bad boys you really, really wish you could side with, but at the same time, you know their methods are completely wrong.

    Thanks so much for the giveaway 🙂


    • Good Luck – I’ve not read many anime titles – but I do understand that they have some classic tropes in their story craft … good luck

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