Storm Clouds: The Owners, Volume 2 by Carmen Capuano


Title: Storm Clouds
Author: Carmen Capuano
Format: Paperback and eBook
Publisher: Upfront Publishing
Pages: 288
ISBN: 978- 1780354743
Source: Author
Genre: Fantasy / Dystopian / Teen
Series: The Owners, Volume 2
Best Read in Order: Yes
Stars: 4
Purchase Now: Amazon

About the Book:

When cataclysmic storms threaten to engulf the West Coast of America, twelve year old Dan Ryan has no choice but to be evacuated to New York and into the care of his Uncle Jack. And of course that’s ok, because it’s only for a short while, isn’t it? And anyway his mom and dad are going to be evacuated too. They are going to be taken somewhere safe by the army, just like he was, aren’t they? Except that he nearly wasn’t! And perhaps they won’t be either! Ben, Jim-Bob and Katie Collins know exactly how he feels. Forced to leave everything behind them, they too are heading towards a new life. A life that now doesn’t include their mom and dad. On the other side of the country, Doctor Georgia Wade and news reporter Jack Ryan anxiously await the arrival of their new charges. The hospital is almost full to overflowing but Georgia reckons that the three children can snatch a few hours sleep in the on-call room, at least until she finishes her shift. Then she can take them to her place and settle them in, can’t she? Jack figures that what with the heavy rain and all, the sports game he was supposed to be covering will be cancelled anyway, leaving him plenty time to settle Dan into his apartment. Won’t it? Unknown to each other, this little band of people have no idea that fate is about to throw them a huge curve ball, which will force them into each others’ paths and entwine their destinies.
Book Review:

This book starts with an impending disaster in a familiar location: both are presented with clarity and the potential of possible. That sounds strange, but every event and emotion: realized and threatened, carry that sense that they could happen, and sometimes they do without warning.

Told with a more traditional style than book 1, Capuano manages to make each character come alive when it is most needed to infuse life, tension or emotional intensity into the plot, and this reads far less science-fiction and far more dystopian. While I won’t for a moment pretend to be well versed in either genre, the writing remains the constant pleasant surprise.

Here she has managed to present a story that stands apart from the first, while I don’t see the connection in storyline or world building, the connection shines brightly in the questions for and about humanity. Using a more “exampled” set of situations that model good and bad behaviors by the characters encountered in the story – the subtext still manages to provide a cohesive thread between the two books, and will keep many anxious for the third installment.

I received an eBook from the author for purpose of honest review for inclusion in children read week at I am Indeed. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.

About the Author:

Carmen Capuano was born in 1966, in Govan, Glasgow and came to England at the age of eighteen. A full and varied working life saw her move from London to Birmingham and finally to the small Worcestershire town of Bromsgrove.

Interested in writing from an early age, it was only when she had her own children that she found her enthusiasm for story telling had not waned in any way and was still as alive and enticing as ever.

“The Owners was a tale which demanded to be written down. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.”

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