Surviving Primary School by Dr. Orly Katz


On a series that focuses on Self Esteem, Peer Pressure, Body Language and Positivity: there are multiple options to help you and your elementary school child  navigate those crazy years…. 

Best for children ages 8 – 12  this is a good ‘summer work in progress’ read.  While I would not suggest that you demand your kids read them:rather use these books to spark discussions, ideas and help you to navigate those tricky issues that pop up.

And – I have read all of the books that make the series – and found them simple to learn, easy to understand and cleverly presented with examples and strategies that actually make sense….

Each series has 4 Titles –  I just grabbed and read – so I don’t believe that you need to pick a particular order!

Passions, Strengths & Self Esteem – The Extensive Guide! Surviving Primary School
Dr. Orly Katz
122 Pages
eBook Format only
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In this book you’ll learn:
• How to identify where you are right now!
• How to believe in yourself – from the inside!
• How to identify the things you really enjoy and want!
• How to identify what you’re good at!
• How to start working towards making your dreams come true!
In short – you’ll finally get it that you’re not only OK…you’re really something!!!

Peer Pressure:
Peer Pressure vs. True Friendship! Surviving Primary School
Dr. Orly Katz
88 Pages
eBook format only
Purchase at Amazon

You don’t have to be the wicked witch to be popular…

The way to stand up to peer pressure and be a true friend, without trampling over other people’s feelings, is already inside of you. You have the inner strength it takes and this book will show you how!!!

Let me share the secret with you – so you too can reach the highest peak of popularity in your class, without giving way to peer pressure and getting dragged along after friends who make you feel bad!

This book includes:
• True life stories about growing up!
• Tips, helpful rules, simple to do exercises!
• Fun ‘test yourself’ questionnaires
• A personal journal

Body Language:
Body Language, Intuition & Leadership! Surviving Primary School
Dr. Orly Katz
60 Pages
eBook format only
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In this book you’ll learn:

• How to interpret our intuitions
• How to understand what our bodies are telling us
• The secret of body language – the international language which isn’t taught in any schools but can help you better understand what your friends are telling you, so you can work out what they really mean…

Let’s find out together what different movements or positions really mean, what lies hidden behind our words and how we can use our own body language to get what we really, truly want.

Be Positive! Think Positive! Feel Positive! Surviving Primary School
Dr. Orly Katz
49 Pages
eBook format only
Purchase at Amazon

In this self help book you’ll learn:
• How to think positively!
• How to believe in your selves!
• How to succeed at school and with others, in everything that that you want and could wish for…

Let me share the secret with you – of how to become attractive no matter what you look like, how to attract to yourself the reality that you really want!!

About the Author:

Best selling author, Dr. Orly Katz, is an expert for youth empowerment and life skills, who hold a doctorate in Educational Leadership. She is a sought after guest on TV and radio, and a national speaker and workshop facilitator for parents, educators and youth.

Orly is the founder of the “Simply Me” Center for: Leadership, Empowerment and Self Esteem.  Her two book series: Surviving Junior High, and Surviving Primary School, are recommended by the Ministry of Education, and are being taught in many schools as part of the curriculum in life skills lessons.

Orly lives in Haifa, with her Husband and three children.

For more information: Website






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