This post is simply a ‘how to’.  Google Reader is going away on 1 July (yes- 2 weeks) but there is a simple, clean and easy way to use a new reader … it’s called Bloglovin….
Now – you don’t use Google Reader? You have no changes coming unless you want to move your blogs into a more cohesive and easy to follow form.

So – now for the technical stuff.
When you go to Bloglovin and create an account – it will ask you if you would like to import your Google Reader blogs.  It’s as simple as that.  You will, if you are like me, want to create some ‘lists’ that will help you put the blogs you subscribe to into an order.  But – it’s clean, easy- and you see just how many have updated posts.   Additionally – you can opt to get a feed from Bloglovin to your email – with daily updates, be notified when ANY of the blogs you follow are updated, or not be notified at all – and you just run through the feed each day.

This is what my reader looks like… note that I have marked the control panel page, my lists and the reader block

Bloglovin feedThis is pretty, clean and neat.  And simple to follow as I can just run down my list and catch up with everyone’s posts.

So – you are ready.  So – HOW do you follow?  You can simply click on that photo – I’ve embedded my link.  Or   you can use this
Follow on BloglovinAnd – if you don’t want to use yet another reader?  Perhaps you would consider following via Facebook, email or twitter?

For those of you who are interested – you can find more Bloglovin blogs to follow by checking out the Bloglovin Blog Hop.

You can see the explanation either by clicking on the button – or going to my Bloglovin Blog Hop tab.


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