Waiting for Dead Men’s Shoes by Lauren Baratz-Logsted ~ Review


Title: Waiting for Dead Men’s Shoes
Author: Lauren Baratz-Logsted
Format: eBook
Publisher: TKA Distribution
Pages: 203
ISBN: 978-1937776442
Source: Publisher via NetGalley
Genre: Mystery
Stars: 5
Purchase Now:  Amazon § Barnes & Noble

About the Book:

Underachiever Minette “Mini” Monroe has long dreamt of how much better life would be if only she were in charge of the world, said world being the independent bookstore in Westport, CT, where she’s worked for the past half dozen years.

After her beloved boss Colin Quimby is murdered, Mini gets her wish and also gets a chance to solve the case, aided by hot young Officer Michael “Mickey” Maus. Despite his unfortunate nickname – would any woman really voluntarily become part of Mini and Mickey Maus? – Mini takes a shine to him, but there’s no real time for romance, not when Mini has her hands full dealing with Colin’s viper’s nest full of ex-wives, offspring, former business partners and current business rivals, all of whom had good reason to want to see Colin dead. Who will turn out to be the guilty party?

The only way to find out is to read Waiting for Dead Men’s Shoes, a madcap comedic novel that proves that the Shakespeare Unabridged Globe and the Oxford English Dictionary are still a girl’s best weapons.

Book Review:

Where to begin? Mini is smart, snarky, height challenged and incredibly funny. She has taken personal affront to many things book-related, from reviews she disagrees with to the behavior of the wealthy customers that frequent the independent bookstore she works in. With very clever asides, she gives us insight into the wealthy and classless customers – and I quote:

“she’d flown south to scare her first grandchild. It was small comfort to learn that she was in no way intimidated by crossing state lines in her quest to spread a little hell.”

With laugh out loud lines with nearly every customer or co-worker encounter, and the new crush on officer “Mickey”Maus, with appropriate shock, disdain and insouciant assumption of a detecting partnership, Mini scrambles through life with her assumptions overwhelming her sense of caution more often than not.

Mini is delightful, with literary quips and references, clever if snarky pet names for the people she encounters, and her decided lack of physical pretensions or clean laundry, she will fast become a favorite for many. Cleverly created, injected with humor and a puzzle to solve, and the fast pace of the story make a quick afternoon read: just be prepared to laugh often and loudly. While the romance never quite fills the pages to become more than a side story: there is great potential for a Mini romance and more Mini Monroe mysteries to come. Lauren Baratz-Logsted has opened potential for a new series of stories, and I for one hope she continues to share Mini Monroe with us.

I received an eBook from the publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.

About the Author:
Lauren grew up in Monroe, CT, where her father owned a drugstore at which her mother was the pharmacist. She is a graduate of the University of Connecticut at Storrs, where she majored in psychology. She also has what she calls her “half-Masters” in English from Western Connecticut State University (five courses down, another five to go…someday!).

Throughout college, she worked semester breaks as a doughnut salesperson; a job that she swears gave her white lung disease from all the powdered sugar she breathed. Upon graduation, she began work at the venerable independent spacebookseller, now sadly defunct as such, Klein’s of Westport. There, she bought and sold for the better part of 11 years.

In November 1994, Lauren left the bookstore to finally take a chance on herself as a writer. Success did not happen overnight. Between 1994 and May 2002 – when Red Dress Ink called with an offer to buy THE THIN PINK LINE – Lauren worked as a book reviewer, a freelance editor and writer, and a window washer, making her arguably the only woman in the world who has ever both hosted a book signing party and washed the windows of the late best-selling novelist Robert Ludlum.

Since Red Dress Ink’s call in 2002, Lauren has been kept very busy with writing more novels and checking her Amazon ranking on a daily basis. She still lives in Danbury, with her husband and daughter, where she has lived since 1991. In addition to writing, Lauren’s daughter keeps her busy, accounting for the rest of her time.

Lauren’s favorite color is green.

Lauren’s favorite non-cat animals are penguins.

Lauren wants you to know that, however you are pronouncing her last name, you are probably pronouncing it wrong.

Website § @LaurenBaratzL § Blogs §  Facebook  


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