The Children’s Story: A Novel, Not for Children by Robert A Krueger ~Review


Title: The Children’s Story: A Novel, Not for Children
Author:  Robert A. Krueger
Format:  Paperback and eBook
Publisher:  Self Published
Pages:  266
ISBN: 978-1475293982
Source: Author
Genre: Literary Fiction, Fantasy
Stars: 5
Purchase Now:  Amazon §  Barnes & Noble

About the Book:

One morning young teen sisters decide to go for a walk, not realizing that this outing will change them forever. They become trapped in a strange land where the outrageous and bizarre seem normal. They only wish to find their way home; but this journey, which is not of their choosing, has a different purpose or so it seems as they are forced on their way. The people and animals they meet are outlandish or eccentric or sometimes normal. Each has a lesson to teach or perhaps not. They are bombarded with sense and with nonsense that may or may not be nonsense. In their minds, they fight to remain children, but they are neither child nor adult. Deep inside the sisters progressively understand that there is a purpose to their journey and that it has to do with good and evil. But they are neither free from torment nor from the absurd. They must overcome the temptation of evil if, in fact, they can recognize it. Interwoven with the sisters’ story are other tales of good and of the arrogance and depravity of evil (as in the Holocaust). Allegorically, this is everyone’s journey and everyone’s story. A non-traditional novel for Adults and Young Adults.

Book Review: 

It is a rare occurrence for me when a book cover, or the strangeness of the cover, serves to perfectly illustrate the wonder that is contained within. This cover manages to hint that this is not a simple story that will follow the predestined path, and that is exactly what happens.

What starts as an ordinary summer day turns into a philosophical and fantastical journey as these two sisters, Molly and Baby Sister head out for a walk. It feels rather ordinary, until it doesn’t. Coming face to face with fantastical creatures with stories to share, the girls are treated to stories of good and evil, and confronted with the most important element in those stories: choice. The choice to follow or lead, obey or ignore and how those choices or lack of making one can forever change your personal destiny.

This was possibly the most cleverly conceived story about decisions and choice that I have ever read: providing several examples from simple to dramatic to illustrate the options. Feeling very much like a combination of Alice in Wonderland and some odd dream state, the writing is crisp, clear and easy to relate to. Molly and Baby Sister are easy to visualize and example many of the sibling relationships that can be found anywhere. While their story seems to be separate, by the end the two do mesh in, and the line between fantasy and reality have blurred leaving only the lessons clear and present.

Each new encounter creates a memorable character or set of characters: some absurd, others closer to the expected but all providing a twist that will delight. Krueger has crafted a story that will entertain and demand you read it more than once. A good choice for teen and older readers, there are lessons to be found in the pages of a very entertaining story.

I received a copy of the book from the author for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.

About the Author:

My life can be divided into three parts: military, business, and writing. I am a retired Army officer. I served in Germany near the end of WWII. This was a trigger for my interest in good and evil. For the most part, my Army duties were in the national intelligence field, but sometimes combat intelligence as in Vietnam. After retiring from the military, I spent a number of years in the business world, primarily in forecasting, planning, operations, and consulting.

I have always been interested in writing. I’ve written a number of business articles and have two books published and a third ready for publication. My published books are: “Business Forecasting: A Practical, Comprehensive, Resource for Managers and Practitioners” and “The Children’s Story, A Novel Not for Children” (about good and evil), which I wrote over several years. My new book is titled: “Business and Sales Forecasting, A Practical, Comprehensive Course of Instruction.” Would you say I have an eclectic personality?

My novel is really different. It combines reality, fantasy and fable, and allegory and metaphor. To tell the truth, the novel seemed, at times, to be writing itself, including the symbolic stuff. Both good and evil come in many costumes, some recognizable and others not so easily seen. I’ve tried to capture this idea as well as others.

I also review books for Amazon, which I find interesting and worthwhile.



2 thoughts on “The Children’s Story: A Novel, Not for Children by Robert A Krueger ~Review

    • It’s good – it’s twisted in a way that is cleverly done…. I have another similar “twisted tale” appearing later this week…I thought of you when I read it

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