The Closet (Summerset Tales #1) by Jac Wright ~Review


Title:  The Closet
Author: Jac Wright
Format: Paperback and eBook
Publisher: Self-Published
Pages: 48
ISBN:  978-1490371788
Source: Self-Purchase
Genre: Short Story,  Contemporary Fiction
Series: Summerset Tales # 1
Best Read in Order: N/A
Stars:  4
Purchase Now:  Amazon

About the Book:  

Love is a battlefield. Who will get out of it alive?

Harry Duncan Wood runs a hotel in the historic city of Bath with his beautiful young wife. When he falls in love with Mill House, an old greystone farmhouse on the banks of river Avon among the soaring hills of Somerset, and sets about moving his family there, the first appearances of the cracks in the marriage take him by surprise. Is his wife seeing another man? Duncan needs to get to the bottom of the affairs for his own sanity. Sometimes, however, ignorance is bliss and will also keep everybody alive.Book Review: 
This gripping short, set to be a series of venue shorts of the people in the town of Summerset is beautifully written with clever descriptions, common concerns and one overwhelming why. Jac Wright is obviously facile with words, and appreciates the rhythm that can be found in a poetically phrased sentence. While others see Hardy, I was pleased to not find the overwhelming foreshadowing as we followed Harry Duncan Wood through this quick read.

The scenery comes alive, as does Harry’s overwhelming need for something apart from the hotel/guest house that he and his wife run, and his plans to move the family there is causing friction and making him question his relationship. From the biting wind to the views, the sense of tumult is omnipresent, even extending to Harry’s thoughts. Truly a cleverly planned and plotted story that is the perfect diversionary read. Wright has a deft hand with the pen and plotting, and is this is a lovely start to a series of vignettes that explore the residents and their innermost struggles.

I purchased an eBook copy of the book on the author’s recommendation. I was not compensated for this review; all conclusions are my own responsibility.

About the Author:
Jac Wright is a published poet, a published author, and an electronics engineer educated at Stanford, University College London, and Cambridge who lives and works in England. Jac studied English literature from an early age of three, developing an intense love for poetry, drama, and writing in Speech & Drama classes taken every Saturday for fourteen years, and in subsequent creative writing classes taken during the university years. A published poet, Jac’s first passion was for literary fiction and poetry writing as well as for the dramatic arts. You will find these influences in the poetic imagery and prose, as well as the in the dramatic scene setting and deep character creation.

These passions – for poetry, drama, literary fiction, and electronic engineering – have been combined to create the first book in the literary suspense series, The Reckless Engineer. There are millions of professionals in high tech corporate environments who work in thousands of cities in the US, the UK, and the world such as engineers, technicians, technical managers, investment bankers, and corporate lawyers. High drama, power struggles, and human interest stories play out in the arena every day. Yet there are hardly any books that tell their stories; there are not many books that they can identify with. Jac feels compelled to tell their stories in The Reckless Engineer series.

Jac also writes the literary short fiction series, Summerset Tales, in which Wright explores characters struggling against their passions and social circumstances in the semi-fictional region of contemporary England called Summerset, partly the region that Thomas Hardy called Wessex. Some of the tales have an added element of suspense similar to Rald Dahl’s Tales of the Unexpected. The collection is published as individual tales in the tradition of Geoffrey Chaucer’s Caterbury Tales, Charles Dickens’ The Pickwick Papers and Thomas Hardy’s Wessex Tales. The first tale, The Closet, accompanies the first title in the author’s full-length series, The Reckless Engineer.

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