Review: Silent Symmetry (The Embodied Trilogy #1) by J.B. Dutton


Title: Silent Symmetry
Author: J.B. Dutton
Format: Paperback and eBook
Publisher: Self-Published
Pages: 194
ISBN: 978-1484067468
Source: Author
Genre: YA Sci-Fi / Fantasy
Series: The Embodied Trilogy
Best Read in Order: yes
Stars: 4
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About the Book:

The Embodied glide through the busy streets of New York, uttering barely a sound. Their eerie beauty comes from their perfect symmetry. Are they flawless humans, the epitome of evolution? Are they a genetically modified super-race? Are they extra-terrestrials? Once prep school student Kari Marriner becomes aware of their existence, she is driven to seek out the answer and finds herself ensnared in a web that reaches further than she could possibly have imagined.

Kari’s earliest memory is her father’s death in a car crash back in small-town Wisconsin. Now, 12 years later, her mother has been hired by a pseudo-religious organization in Manhattan called the Temple of Truth (a.k.a. the ToT). At Chelsea Prep, Kari develops a crush on classmate Cruz. But when she realizes that Noon, another attractive guy at school, is involved with the ToT, her curiosity gets the better of her.

Kari stumbles upon a secret tunnel leading from her apartment to another in the building, where an ancient book holds images she can scarcely believe, and a cavernous room contains… something inexplicable. As Kari pieces together the incredible evidence, she discovers that the ToT is run by other-worldly beings called The Embodied who influence human behavior and have established a global long-term human breeding program. But why? And what is her role in all this?

Just as she starts wondering whether the love she feels for Cruz is genuine or if her emotions are being controlled by The Embodied, her mother is kidnapped and Kari has to figure out who is human, who is Embodied, and who she can count on to help rescue her mother.

Book Review:

Kari and her mother move to New York City for a new prestigious position, after leaving her small Wisconsin town and memories of her father’s accident there behind. For a teenaged protagonist, Kari was easy to relate to and care for: her sad past and her eagerness to find the new life, opportunities and possible love interests for her mother were endearing. As with many things, nothing is ever quite what it seems, and that also relates to the wonderful opportunities: scholarship to a prestigious high school, the beautiful people and the ease with which they seem to incorporate a major metropolis into their lives without great distress.

As Kari starts to feel seeds of unease, the questions start to arrive in a fast and furious manner: although the answers are far less apparent. Just what is the ToT and just how much influence it has on this world, and on the live of the people who work for them is a slow-developing reveal, mixed in this smoothly paced story that demands you read on.

I will be the first to admit that Kari is often far more mature in her approach, speech, thinking and behavior than one would expect, or want to see in a high school teen. However, when you take into account her life experience and her only child status, it did fit her well, even as it may be problematic for some readers. Aside from that and my wishing that there was more of an explanation and solidity built to give more substance to the characters of the Embodied, I did enjoy this read. I think that many YA fans would appreciate this story, and be ready to read the second book in the trilogy when it comes available.

I received an eBook from the author for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.
About the Author:

After graduating from film school in London, I emigrated to Montreal in 1987, where I still live with my two young children and their even younger goldfish. I spent over a decade as a music TV director before moving into the advertising industry as an award-winning copywriter and translator. In parallel to my corporate work, I’ve written novels, short stories, blogs, screenplays and a stage play. I also write Young Adult and Children’s fiction under the name J.B. Dutton.

Website § @johnbdutton


Life Bites: Hunger Chronicles # 1 by Tes Hilaire ~ Review



Title: Life Bites
Author: Tes Hilaire
Format: eBook
Publisher: Self Published
Pages: 284
ISBN: 978-0989604000
Source: Author
Genre: Apocalyptic Sci-Fi, Paranormal
Series: Hunger Chronicles # 1
Best Read in Order: Not Required
Stars: 4
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About the Book:
Sometimes life really bites…

For socially inept nerds like Eva Harper, the junior prom is bound to suck, especially when her date turns out to be a vampire. Eva wakes from the change knowing her life will never be the same. Not only is the vegan teenager now a vampire, but a vicious virus has struck, spreading across the globe and irreversibly changing much of mankind…into zombies.

…and the only thing to do is to bite back

Fleeing from the vampire hive and their controlling queen, Eva takes up with a rag-tag militia in their seemingly insurmountable quest to rid the world of zombies. But little does she know it’s her own secret, a secret she doesn’t even know she has, that will be the turning point for the zombie wars.

Book Review:

I will admit to not being the world’s largest zombie / apocalyptic reader. What drew me to this title was the mixture of a vampire and a virus that has endangered them, and the main character seemed to be the sort of smart, snarky, geeky girl that I prefer for my heroines.

Hilaire did not disappoint: not only was Eva incredibly clever and very well developed as a vegan now forced to obtain food from “things with faces”, she developed a world that was unique in premise with enough familiarity to be comfortable for readers. Mixing the events in time provided good insight into Eva’s essential nature and self-reliance, and was done with such flair that it was easy to follow and provide layers of information that would not have fallen into place as well as in a straight narrative

Secondary characters are well presented with interactions feeling quite normal, if one can say that about a zombie apocalypse, and the intrigue surrounding John presents potential for some interesting twists in the next instalment. There are some good twists in this book, with enough information to lead seamlessly into the second in the story without the frustration of a large cliff hanger.

This was a fun book to read, and the perfect one to wet my feet with a longer zombie story, and a good read for YA and Adult readers alike.

I received an eBook from the author for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.

About the Author:

Daphne Award-winning author Tes Hilaire started creating whole new worlds to escape upstate New York’s harsh winters before finally fleeing to sultry North Carolina. Her stories are edgy, exciting, and bring a hint of dark fantasy to paranormal romance. And no one ever has to shovel snow.

Website  § @TesHilaire


Quickening, Quicksilver Codex # 2 by Kallysten ~ Review

quickbannerThis is the second of 2 dates I am delighted to show you all the 2nd book in the Quicksilver Codex series by Kallysten.  Lots of good things are happening on this mini-tour – and you don’t want to miss a thing. So – be sure that you check out the other tour stops!
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Release Day: Quickening, Quicksilver Codex # 2 by Kallysten

quickbannerThis is the first of 2 dates I am delighted to show you all the 2nd book in the Quicksilver Codex series by Kallysten.  Lots of good things are happening on this mini-tour – and you don’t want to miss a thing. So – be sure that you check out the other tour stops!


On Foh’Ran, a parallel world in which a magical force called the Quickening rules the lives of humans and vampires alike, Vivien just won her first battle.

Raised on Earth, Vivien had no idea she was heir to Foh’Ran’s throne until Brad and Aedan, her bodyguards, revealed themselves to her and took her to her family’s ancestral castle. Her first confrontation with Rhuinn, the man who usurped her throne, ended as well as could be hoped and she won a few days of respite until she has to appear at the royal court again.

Before she does, however, she’ll need to break through her mental block and master the Quickening to prove herself a worthy daughter of Foh’Ran. She’ll also have to gain allies among Foh’Ran’s influential families. The most difficult part, however, might be to follow Aedan’s advice and learn to act like a queen when she’s still unsure whether she truly wants the throne, and would rather simply be Brad’s girlfriend.

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If you still are unsure if this series is for you – check out my review of Bodyguards, Quicksilver Codex # 1 by choosing this LINK

About the Author:

Kallysten’s most exciting accomplishment to date was to cross a few thousand miles and an ocean to pursue (and catch!) the love of her life. She has been writing for over fifteen years, and always enjoyed sharing her stories and listening to the readers’ reactions. After playing with science fiction, short stories and poetry, she is now trying her hand, heart and words at paranormal romance novels.

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Review: The Epherium Chronicles: Embrace by T.D. Wilson


Title:  The Epherium Chronicles: Embrace
Author:  T.D. Wilson
Format: eBook
Publisher:  Self-Published
Pages:  290
ISBN: 978-1301973743
Source: Author
Genre: Science Fiction
Series: The Epherium Chronicles # 1
Best Read in Order  Yes
Stars:  4
Purchase Now:  Smashwords  §  Amazon  §  Barnes & Noble

About the Book:

Hope. James Hood, the most decorated Captain in the history of the Earth Defense Force, remembered what it felt like. It had surged through his very being the day he watched the gigantic colony ship rocket away from Earth carrying his uncle and over five thousand colonists to a new world light years from home. In the early 22nd century, Hood, like so many others on Earth, dreamed of following in his uncle’s footsteps. He wanted to travel to a new world, to be something greater.

Then came the War.

An insectoid alien menace, known as the Cilik’ti, swarmed into Earth’s solar system like a plague. After years of vicious conflict, humanity was left battered but not broken. Thanks in part to Hood’s tactical genius, Earth’s forces had finally driven the invaders from the solar system.

Now, six years after the war, new word arrives, informing Earth’s leaders that two of the three colony ships that left Earth have arrived safely. One of them, the Magellan, was his uncle’s ship.

Earth desperately needs those new colonies, but the Cilik’ti are still out there. If Earth sends out a fleet in force, it could start another war. Reluctantly, Earth’s leadership agrees to send one ship to make contact. Hood is given command of a new ship, the Armstrong, and is ordered to proceed to the Cygni solar system—the same system to which his uncle’s ship was headed—with best possible speed.

Hope. Hood needed it now more than ever. Hope to find the colonists alive and hope that he could one day forgive himself for his actions that cost so many lives during the war. Hood and his new ship set out to Cygni, but what he discovers along the way could be more dangerous to Earth than their formidable foes.

Book Review: 

The first in a series, Embrace, sets off at a pace and style that held my attention from first to last page. What is more, waiting impatiently to get my hands on the next instalment to see how the chronicles and its characters will develop.

Wilson’s style made me feel part of the action and flow of the story, rather than the reader of a piece of narrative. I own I like science fiction/ fantasy, so this work had my interest pretty much immediately. Upon commencing to read, I was not disappointed and was ‘hooked’ within the first chapter.

It was akin to reading a gentle blending of Gene Roddenberry’s Enterprise and Star Treks with the style of Dale Brown’s writings and techno info speak, with a hint of Lost in Space thrown in for good measure. Wilson has not copied them, for he has a style of his own, and that stands up very well on its own merits.

The series starter has me interested: space travel, shakedown cruise/ mission, corporate intrigue and agendas, ‘star gates’, lost experimental colonies, an on board saboteur, and crew antics and ego conflicts.

I look forward to reading the next instalment of the ‘travels’ of EDF dreadnaught Armstrong, her commander, Captain James Hood and his crew.

Author provided an eBook copy for purpose of honest review for the Indies Rock promotion at I am, Indeed. No compensation was provided for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.